Scaling Static Sites with NextJS + Progressive Web "Apps" with 11ty


It's been a few years since we've had the Two Jeffs in a room together, and this event is going to be great! After the sessions we're going to have a roundtable discussion on JAMstack technologies and the web.

There will be food and beverages. We will begin promptly, so arrive on time. Details below.

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FaunaDB - The database built for serverless, featuring native GraphQL:


Talk 1: Jeff Escalante, HashiCorp (@jescalan)

We all know that static websites work really well for small, simple pages, but what happens when your operation starts to grow? In this talk, we'll talk through a variety of architectural situations from my past, from personal websites to contract work to agency work to centralizing the web platform at a hypergrowth startup, and come to a conclusion on the most sustainable and painless way to architect web projects for each one.

Jeff has been a jamstack advocate for many moons, having built two static site generators, roots and spike. He currently works as the web platform lead at HashiCorp


Talk 2: Jeff Posnick, Google (@jeffposnick)

You can get all the Progressive Web "App" benefits, like instant, offline-first loading, without building a single-page app! This talk will be a architectural exploration of an example static site PWA, generated with 11ty:

Jeff Posnick is a member of Google's Web Developer Relations, working on libraries and guidance around building PWAs.


6:30 - Arrive at HappyCog, meet other members
6:45 - Introduction
7:00 - Session 1
7:45 - Session 2
8:30 - Roundtable Discussion


99 Madison Ave 10th FL,
New York, NY 10016