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50 YEARS OF APL - 1964 - 2014!!

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50 YEARS OF APL. It's time to celebrate!

In 1964 Dr. Ken Iverson, later a Turing Award winner, rocked the world with his vision on how we should talk to computers.

His vision was revolutionary and compelling.

No one had imagined that this was the way we would talk to machines.

He named it "A Programming Language", APL, a challenge to the programming community to implement a language most thought could not be implemented.

A few years later APL360 was born and the rest is history.

Although it has led the way in several industrial sectors, serving as a platform for many innovative products, APL remains on the fringes today, and yet its contribution to the economy shows it is punching well above its weight.

Millions of people who buy insurance, use electricity, or have a retirement pension use APL every day without even knowing it.

Time and performance penalties do not matter, as machine speed has gone through the roof.

Today, many of the problems APL has faced, the character set, interpretation vs. compilation, all have disappeared or become insignificant, as the world moves closer to the vision of Ken Iverson 50 years ago. .

So Let's Celebrate!

Please mark your calendar to attend this event.

Come with your stories.

Please submit a request to deliver a paper by emailing the organizers and request to book a time slot.

I had the honour of forming Toronto's first APL SIG, APL Special Interest Group, and I look forward to meeting many of you again.

All the best....Dan King, APLSIG founding chair 1981.


Morton Kromberg:

Parallel Programming with Dyalog v14.0

The world is full of idle processors – your own computer probably has between one and seven processors that are doing nothing most of the time, even when you hit the "Compute" button in your application. Dyalog Version 14.0 introduces futures and isolates, language features that are specifically designed to make it easy to run parts of your application on multiple cores and speed up your applications.

MiServer 3.0

MiServer is an APL-based web server and a framework of tools to help Dyalog users easily develop applications that can be deployed on the web. MiServer's framework of tools includes interfaces to many controls and "widgets" enabling the user to build robust data-driven interfaces.

Dan King: "Computer Programming: A New Paradigm"

The world is full of data that is by nature, multi-dimensional. By making use of a programming language that naturally embraces this fundamental property of our world, we make programming easier, and as a result, shorter.