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Are you tired of going out to a bar where the DJ doesn’t even play one song that gets your dancing blood going? Or have you been to a place where your favorite dance song comes on and you’re dying to dance with someone to it, but no one is willing, and so you go back to being a wallflower, disappointedly tapping your foot or only high fiving your friends and saying “yeah!”? Well join us! We will have a JBL portable speaker and everyone gets to make a song request using the Bluetooth on your smart phone which we dance to on the sidewalks of the city and bar hop at the same time. We will also have mini-lessons from dance instructors so you are learning at the same time. The dance styles we will be pulling moves from will mostly be bachata, salsa, house, rock and roll style, and west coast swing. The music we dance to will mostly be recent pop, or anything everyone feels is a great song to dance to, and has a great beat. We’ll also take little breaks and pop into a bar and grab a drink and socialize. And then start again. The only thing we ask is to be friendly, kind, non-judgmental, not overly critical, and determined to have a great time.

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