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It will be the first trilingual (Japanese, Chinese and Korean) meet up in Osaka, I guess. This time we would like to build a particular group only by three language speakers. You are very welcome, and I am glad you joined us. Firstly please do not worry, it is not needed you speak the languages perfectly. All the people would be welcome if you are willing to learn or speak a specific language (Even one!!). At least I will help your study for Japanese☆彡.

The purposes of this group are
① Sharing "The skills of learning three languages" and "All the knowledge related with these languages".
② Making wide friendship through languages. I have been holding seeral types of event currently as follows. So it will be similar event also in this group(^^♪.
1. Multilingual event (group talk/ group discussion/ Sharing easy saying of rare language / etc..)
2. Multilingual event (see above) with Chinese tea and basic Mandarin Chinese lesson
3. Multilingual event (see above) with Coffee Related meetups

Our related groups
① [PMO (Polyglots/多言語話者 meetup Osaka)]
1. Multilingual party with Chinese tea and basic Chinese (Mandarin) lesson
※It is very relax event. Any of your stress by the work will be surely disappeared.
2. Multilingual party with Coffee
※Same as above

-1. Dance performance (Hiphop, Breaking, Popping, Locking, House, Belly dance and so on)
-2. Live show (Rap, Talkbox, Beatbox, Blues, R&B and so on)
-3. Dj time (Hiphop, House, R&B, EDM and so on)
※It is kinds of club event. But it is only held at day time (around 19:00~23:00). The atmosphere is good. The people are very friendly. No Charai people^^.

③ [CTMO (Chinese Tea Meetup Osaka)]

✪[OMG(Osaka Multilingual Gathering)]
I am one of three organizers (Including Andy from Australia and James from U.K.)

On the other hand,
1. How to get on higher stage in my life by using several languages
2. How to contribute the people (for me especially for Japanese people) by using language skills. They are my current theme. I have been wondering “just speak several languages” is great?? But, also we cannot say it means nothing. Then, what can I do?? Hope I can get any idea for the above mentioned theme through this activity. This may be my own purpose. By the way, you may have your own theme for your language life. Let’s share all, and get the answers together^O^/

Kind regards

Nov 11, 2016
Shogo Ohashi
{Speaker of Japanese (Mother tongue), Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean / Hiphop dancer / Chinese tea lover/ Organizer of SOUND BRIDGE}

Upcoming events (5+)

Japanese tea meets Chinese tea #18

Osaka Salon

令和最初のお茶&外国語イベント!! ※ Non-Japanese ppl are 500yen !! ※ It is the chance to speak Japanese!! ※ It is the chance to learn part of Japanese & Chinse culture!! ※ 中国語喋れなくて、大丈夫です!! INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/language_and_tea To all the tea lovers☕☕ We have been serving many kinds of Chinese tea for last two years. From Dec 2017 we decided to have the opportunity of drinking Japanese & Chinese tea at the same time. Hope we can meet new people through the delicious Asian teas!! Everyone comes alone, and all will be welcomed warmly. Don't afraid of that:) 約2年の中国茶イベント開催を経て、2017年12月より、私たちは日本茶および中国茶を同時に味わうイベントを開催することにしました♪ 東アジアのお茶を通じ、沢山の方にお会いできることを楽しみにしております!! みんな一人で来ますし、どなたも温かく迎えますのでご安心を^^ ▪️▫️ポイントシステム について▫️▪️ 2019年4月より、LINEによるショップカード制度を導入しました。QRコードを読み取っていただくだけで、お手持ちのスマホにポイントが貯まります。5ポイントで次回の参加費が無料になりますので、集めてみてくださいね。 ▪️▫️ point system ▫️▪️ From April 2019, we introduced a shop card system by LINE. You can collect points on your smartphone simply by reading the QR code. The next entry fee will be free with 5 points, so please collect it. [CHARGE]※ Non-Japanese ppl are 500yen !! 1,000yen for four kinds of cup of tea (Chinese tea: Pouring three cups for each/Because Chinese tea is that we enjoy the taste change by each pouring time. It is hard to explain...please try to see it first anyway^^). Japanese Tea side 1. 玉露(Gyokuro from Kyoto Japan) 2. 矢部紅茶 べにふうき(Black tea from Fukuoka Japan) ※①Pouring one cup for each Chinese tea side 1. 黄金芽 (Green tea, China) 2. 肉桂 (Oolong tea, China) ※①Pouring two cups for each ※②Selected from White tea/ Green tea/ Woolong tea/Black tea/ Puer tea/ Jusmin tea or other kinds of Chinese tea🍵 [PLACE] Osaka Salon (3rd floor!!!) Address:[masked] Nishi-Ku Itachi-Bori Osaka, Osaka http://www.osakasalon.com/ Let's have a casual conversation with deliciaous cups of Japanese and Chinese tea!! Yours sincerely May 1, 2019 Shogo Ohashi (Speaker of Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, English and Korean/Chinese tea lover/Hiphop dancer/Organizer of Sound Bridge)

OMG (Osaka Multilingual Gathering) #45, Entry 500yen

令和最初のOMG!! Hi, language lovers^o^!! Do you want to speak several languages? Are you willing to make new friends? If so, just join us! We have averagely 100 friends in an event. Let's make the fantastic language event together♪ It is the new start in 2018! Here is the explanation again!! This is a Multilingual Event held only once per month! So don't miss it!! We expect about 80~ people:) 外国語好きの人、集まりましょ~(^^(^^♪ For this event we are combining 3 groups to have one great, fantastic language orientated event!!! The event is held by three people as follows!! ★Shogo: 4 language speaker/ Hip hop dance lover/ Sound bridge Osaka organizer ☆Andy: 3 language spekaer/ King of meetup event/ Father of a cute daughter. ★James: 4 language speaker/ Karate master. If you want to start, learn or maintain a language, too...come along...YOU CAN BE AN ABSOLUTE BEGINNER, thats fine:) We are all here to learn.... and teach. So.................regarding this Multilingual Exchange Gathering [MAIN IDEA] " THE 10 MINUTE SWITCH " with any topics for each Participants will be given stickers showing which language(s) they wish to practice or even just try for the evening. Once we're ready to start, everyone pairs up with anyone with at least one matching sticker. They're given 10 minutes to chat in that language before the bell rings and they move onto a different partner, again, with a person who speaks or wants to learn that particular language. ※We may suggest the topic for each 10 minutes (like New years resolution in Jan, Favorite Music, Work, hobby and family). We will play some fun and interesting games, and end with a free-for-all once the ice is well and truly broken. [メインアイデア]" THE 10 MINUTE SWITCH " ①参加者の方は、まず自分の話したい言語(複数可)を書いたシールを胸に張って頂きます。皆さんの準備が出来たら、自分が話したい言語と一致する最低一人か二人とペアになってもらいます。ある程度の時間がたった後にベルを鳴らすので、再び自分と同じシールを貼っている別の人を探してパートナー交代、というのが簡単な流れです。 ※時にこちらかトピックを提案することもあります(新年の抱負/好きな音楽/仕事/趣味/家族など)。 ②また、途中でいくつかの言語にフォーカスしたサイドゲームも行い、のちフリータイムに進む予定です☆彡皆さんどうぞお楽しみに^^ [GOAL] everyone gets to practice all their target languages, 1-on-1, with a bunch of different people including native speakers. [目標] 全ての参加者が、自分の話したい言語を1対1(か1対2)で色んな人と話せること、その中に出来ればネイティブスピーカーがいることを目標にしています^^ Target Languages: ※() are Language supporters. 3 Asian: Japanese (Shogo)/Chinese(Yu)/Korean(Lisa) 3 European: English (James&Andy)/French(Pico)/Spanish(Roberto) Entrance Fee: One coin (500 yen) Where: The Oak Challenge Osaka https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ001133858/ Time: 7pm~ 10pm on Saturday 13th January, 2018. Contact: Contact Shogo. LINE ID: 0084shogo Lets have fun with several languages!

Korean meetup (Koreans Free)

Domus by DS Cafe

令和最初の韓国語イベント!! English & Korean below 안녕하세요! みなさん、こんにちは! 韓国語イベントがありますよ! 韓国の人達と、韓国語話しましょ🎶😄 [費用]: 500円 (韓国の人は、無料) ※みなさん、1回でワンドリンク注文お願いします! [場所]: Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [目的]: 1. 韓国語を話すこと 2. 友達作り 3. 韓国について、もっと知る (歴史、文化、音楽、ファッションなど) [内容]: 自己紹介、ショートレッスン 안녕하세요! Hello everyone, here comes Korean language event. I know you have been expecting us to do it:). Let’s speak Korean! (한국어 밑에 있습니다.) Cost: 500yen (Korean ppl = entrance free) ※Everyone, please order 1 drink at the 1st floor Place: Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ [Purpose] 1. Speaking Korean 2. Making new friends 3. Knowing more about Korea (History/ Culture like Music, fashion and so on) [Content] Self introduction/ Easy lesson 안녕하세요! 한국 언어와 문화를 알리고 친구도 만들수 있는 코리아 밋업을 기획 했습니다! 한국에 관심있는 외국인 친구를 만들고 싶다 하시는분들에게는 대찬스! 꼭 참가해주세요!! 참가비 : 500엔(한국 사람은 무료입니다.) ※1층에서 음료는 최소 하나 주문해주세요! 장소 : Domus https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/ 목적 1. 한국어 말하기 2. 새로운 친구 만들기 3. 한국문화 교류하기 컨텐츠 자기소개/ 간단한 한국어 레슨

Road to English Mastery #5 (Native speakers Free)

Domus by DS Cafe

[Japanese below] Hello, everyone. Here comes our English language event! I know you have been expecting us to do it :) Let’s speak English! No worries, as Steve from the U.S. will take care of both beginner and advanced-level speakers! Cost: 500 yen (free for native English speakers) ※ We also ask that everyone please order one drink. Place: Domus Cafe (2nd floor) (https://www.hotpepper.https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/) [Content] 1. Self introduction 2. Free conversation on several topics (we will prepare the topics) 3. Short English lesson (about 10 minutes) by Steve (U.S./ Professional English teacher) [Purpose] 1. Speaking English 2. Making new friends 3. Learning more about English-speaking countries (U.S./ Canada/ U.K./ Australia/ New Zealand, etc.) [Note] As with all of our gatherings, we ask that participants not advertise personal religious or political views, and not conduct personal business. Those found in violation of this policy will be removed from our group. 英語を学習中のみなさん、こんにちは! 日頃、英語に触れるきっかけのあまりない方には朗報♪ 少人数の英語イベントが始まりますよ! 基本フリートークですが、Steveさん(U.S.A.)がいるので初級者も上級者も安心です。気軽にご参加ください(^.^) 費用: 500円 (英語ネイティブは無料) ※みなさん、最低1 drinkを注文してくださいね。 場所: Domus cafe (2階) (https://www.hotpepper.jp/strJ000746918/) [内容] 1. 自己紹介 2. フリートーク (いくつかのトピックをこちらで用意します) 3. Steve さん (プロの英語講師です) による英語レッスン。10分ほど(文法、発音、イントネーションなど)です。 ※もちろん、事前に質問を準備してイベント中に聞いてもらうことも可能です。 [目的] 1. 英語を話す 2. 友達作り 3. 英語圏のことについて、もっと知る [注意] 宗教、ネットワークビジネス、政治関係などへの勧誘は絶対にしないで下さい。見つけ次第グループから削除します。

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Intercambio en Español con Jorge :)

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