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Have you ever wished you could find a friend to talk to about photography or to get a review of your work to help you improve your technique? If your answer is 'yes', you've come to the right place.

Here, we have many members who are experienced photographers and are able to advise you on how to take better photos. Knowledge is freely shared among members. We have several professionals who really know their stuff and it would be good to meet them and ask questions. When I say professionals, I mean people who are full time photographers who shoot commercially, not people who pretend to be 'pro' because they carry expensive gear.

As fashion photography is my day job, I tend to have more fashion shoot events for this group. Haha! I know, some of you love it and some of you are afraid of it. Compared to the other photo meetup groups that trends towards fashion photography, we have even more! If you're into fashion photography, this is the right place for you. We hire models, makeup artists, find locations, prepare concepts and themes for club members to try their hand at fashion photography. Some of our members are models so that makes it easy to find a model, male or female. When we set up a fashion shoot event, we split the cost among the attendees, which can range between HK$300 - 400 each. The money pays for model hire, MUA, studio, dresses, props, etc. No, we don't profit from it and, sometimes we lose some money instead. Most times, we do a fashion shoot right in the city streets or some public park, like the two videos show here. Or sometimes we go into the boonies for the special concept shoots.


During a fashion shoot, you'll learn how it's all set up. You'll learn how to use off-camera flash, set up your lights, camera settings, which light modifiers to use, etc. You'll also learn about shooting in a studio. Watch this video where we have a fashion photography workshop for beginners.


But we still cover landscape, street, product photographers with many photography trips and outings so you can get full use of your camera. You'll also get the chance to discover places in Hong Kong which most locals have not even seen yet. The trips are always fun and you'll make new friends who enjoys photography as much as you do.

We also have fun photo competitions, where you can pit your skills against other members. We have a local magazine that will pay you for your photos if they choose to use them.

All skill levels are welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out as a beginner or are already a seasoned pro, you will find a welcoming community.

We have a wide range of ages, nationalities and skill levels. Working with so many different creative people is fulfilling and it gives us that energy to give back to one another.

We welcome everyone who loves photography, no matter who you are! You can join us on Facebook after you've joined us here.


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