React Deepdive, Graph DBs and Slackathon!


Hello world, It's that time again! Our monthly JavaScript Meetup!

Hosted at iHeartRadio Theatre, we will have speakers then a small interactive hackathon focusing on slackbots! Make sure you bring a computer!


const Robert_LaMarca = {

About Me: 'Full Stack Developer, previously with Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, working as a freelancer in New York and Los Angeles for last two years.',

Talk Description: 'Aenea! This is an javascript in-memory graphing database inspired by the Neo4j database. I used using their book, [Graphing Databases (] as a starting point in the process. Aenea is constructed to be highly modular, with stores and search patterns that can be easily optimized for specific needs.
Aenea is also much lighter to deploy than a full Neo4j system.'



const Boris_Dinkevich = {

About Me: 'Boris Dinkevich runs 500Tech, an Israeli front-end consulting firm, organizes Israel's largest Angular & React meetups and conferences and is the co-author of "The Complete Redux Book". (edited)',

Talk Description: ' Learn what makes React get so much love from the front-end community. Component structure, the virtual DOM, why JSX is not scary and what is this Redux everyone is talking about.'




About: 'Join us for a group hackathon focusing on slackbots for the Javascript.NYC slack community! '