Decentralized text editors, scalable autocomplete and IoT Art

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Hello world, It's that time again! Our monthly JavaScript Meetup!

Hosted at Microsoft Times Square with awesome speakers~~

const Sun-Li_Beatteay = {

Bio:`Sun-Li is a Brooklyn based software engineer who enjoys working on distributed systems and decentralized applications (dApps). He also appreciates fine wines, craft beers, and black cats. When not programming or writing about programming, he likes to bike around the city and explore new neighborhoods.`,

Talk_Description: `Conclave is a decentralized, real-time, collaborative text editor for the browser. This talk will focus on the challenges that the Conclave team faced and their solutions. These topics include how to create a decentralized application using modern browser technology, maintaining consistency in a distributed architecture, and how to cheaply scale a real-time application to handle dozens of concurrent users. For anyone interested in dApps, distributed systems or fun open source projects, you won't want to miss this presentation.`


const Walid_Wahed = {

Bio:`Hi there, my name is Walid and I'm a software engineer in NYC. I'm inspired by new ideas and love unlocking new knowledge: understanding how things work and deconstructing complexity is a source of joy for me. Most recently had a lot of fun building Prefixy, a highly scalable hosted prefix search service for building autocomplete suggestions.`,

Talk_Description: `This talk is a fun case study on the process of building a prefix search service from scratch to power Google-style autocomplete. We'll do a whirlwind tour that covers how to think about distilling requirements, how to evaluate trade-offs between different data structures and algorithms to address those requirements, persistency strategy for building a backend that can dynamically rank and search a large dataset, how to implement basic multi-tenancy, and more.`


const Rachel_White = {

Bio:`Rachel is an Engineer at Microsoft, but is also a self-taught programmer & occasional artist. She is currently working on multiple video game projects, a VR cat cafe, and thinking about what IoT devices she can build for her two black cats. Her other interests include glitch art, 80s horror, and indie games. Her aesthetic is fog machines, laser lights, and broken VHS tapes.`,

Talk_Description: `
Build a tiny art gallery!

Ever wanted your own personal art collection but don't want to spend a ton of cash? Well, you're in luck! Learn how to build your own tiny pixel art gallery with a led matrix powered by a raspberry pi running Node. Pair the device with a separate node web app for choosing the art, real-time. :)`