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May JavaScript NYC Meetup

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const Darko_Bozidar = {

bio: `Darko is a software engineer at Celtra, working from Slovenia, Europe. In his previous (and his first) job he was working on full-stack, where he implemented an online ordering system, which replaced client's legacy application with Django-based RESTful architecture. At Celtra, he has primarily been working on front-end using VanillaJS, focusing on video, animations and making things work across the board. In his spare time he is enjoying swing dancing, photography and mountaineering. `,

talk: `Ever since the introduction of CSS animations and transitions, JavaScript animation has been considered as outdated, with big performance deficiencies compared to CSS. Is this true, is JavaScript animation headed for extinction? Well, not just yet. It turns out that going back to the stone age with JavaScript can be a much better approach when dealing with complex and reactive animations.`,

email: `[masked]`,

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const Matthew_Gerstman = {

bio: `Matthew is a software engineer at Dropbox. Matthew has worked on everything across the stack from deploying containers and databases to shipping Javascript. In recent history, Matthew has primarily worked on frontend tooling and organizes an internal community at Dropbox called the JS Guild. When he's not writing code, Matthew enjoys Harry Potter, Green Day, and Broadway shows.`,

talk: `In the past few years, React and Redux have generated a surge of Functional and Declarative Programming which we often take for granted. However many of us never got a chance to learn the fundamentals. In this talk, we’ll discuss the fundamentals of Functional Programming and how they apply to modern JavaScript. We’ll cover immutability, separation of concerns, and composability. We’ll avoid unnecessary jargon like monads and functors and stick to concepts that will make our code better.`,

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const Chris_Li= {

Bio: `Chris Li is a Software Engineering Fellow at Codesmith who is passionate about creating web and mobile experiences that not only look beautiful and function seamlessly, but support modern accessibility practices as well. In his spare time, Chris is heavily involved in the open-source community, making regular contributions focused on server-side rendering and isomorphic React products.`,

Talk_Title: `What the 💩 are Symbols?`

Talk_Description: `Exploring the 7th primitive value and why it is helpful`


const Will_Sentance = {

Bio: `Will Sentance leads Codesmith - a software engineering residency program in Los Angeles, New York and at Oxford University.

Before Codesmith he started Icecomm - a realtime video platform for developers and worked as a software engineer at Gem - a bitcoin startup. He completed his academic work at Oxford and Harvard. He has given talks on coding and entrepreneurship at Fluent.js, Pivotal Labs, Harvard, Yale, USC, UCLA and Frontend Masters.`,

Talk_Description: `This talk will explore Async/await under-the-hood. Understanding this area is the backbone of being an effective JavaScript engineer. To do so we’ll get a clear sense of the call stack, event loop, callback queue and background threads so that you can navigate complex asynchronous problems, easily. Our mental models of Asynchronicity in Javascript - the event loop, callback queue - are no longer enough. We have to augment them with the new world of native promises and async/await and understand them intuitively. In this talk, we’ll look into how to do this so that you can write readable code and debug effectively.`