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January 2019 JavaScript NYC Meetup

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Welcome to 2019!

Can you believe it's time for our first meetup of the year already?! We have a GREAT lineup set and we're always looking for more speakers. So if you have anything you want to present, please get in touch!

And now for the lineup:

Speaker: Ryan Hinchey

Title: Clear and honest performance metrics with the browser's User and Resource Timing apis

Abstract: Measuring the performance of your website can be overwhelming. Where do you start and what do you track? We know that when a user perceives a site to be fast, that helps build trust and supports everything else they do there. But what exactly is a user perceiving to be fast? Is it the same thing we tell a colleague when they ask how fast our site is? Maintaining the rich user experiences people expect requires considerable amounts of JavaScript and for us to think critically about how our sites are built and what performance even means to our users.

Luckily, you can clearly measure custom performance metrics and resource activity with the widely available User and Resource Timing apis that are already in desktop and mobile browsers. Using these apis will give your team the ability to fine-tune their thinking when it comes to performance metrics and ultimately deliver even better experiences for your users.


Speaker: Julius Zerwick is a software engineer in the Brooklyn area. He's worked in Node/JavaScript, Ruby/Rails, React, Docker, and PostgreSQL, and my interests include web development, DevOps, and distributed/decentralized systems.

SpaceCraft is an open-source, real-time, collaborative REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) that allows users to collaboratively write and execute code in the browser for JavaScript, Ruby, and Python. SpaceCraft was built with Node.js, Docker, and WebSockets, and in this talk I'll discuss the challenges faced in building the project and the solutions used to address them. The topics this talk will discuss include:

- Crafting a front-end REPL experience
- Multi-user collaboration on the same REPL
- Client-server communication with HTTP vs. WebSockets
- Isolating user sessions in containers with Docker
- Handling malicious code
- Reverse proxies to connect users to containers


Speaker: Joe Graham is a seasoned software developer and lifelong learner who is currently working on merging design with front-end technology at a major investment bank.

Component libraries in React
Whether you are experimenting, building an app or many apps, it’s never too early to start thinking about component libraries. In this talk we dive into what a component library is, how design fits in, and how they are related to APIs. We tie all this together by examining the technical decisions of a reference implementation (Material UI). Hopefully by the end of this talk you will have a feel for what a component library is, what is behind a React component library, what it means to own a component library, and how that aligns with your projects and goals.

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