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December Javascript NYC Meetup

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Location - 33 Irving Pl Floor 3 New York, NY 10003

Phil Eaton
Phil is a software developer and engineering manager building web applications for Capsule8, a Linux security company. Before this he led a team of developers at Linode in Philly. In his spare time he looks for simple ways to break down complex concepts, helping developers (and himself) understand the tools of the trade. Phil's favorite software topics are languages, compilers/interpreters, web servers, and operating systems.
In this talk we'll cover the basics of parsing and code generation, writing a simple compiler in Javascript (on Node) without any third-party libraries. We'll be able to take an input program like (+ 1 (+ 2 3)) and produce an assembly program that, when run, sets the exit code to the resulting value.

Bill Heberer
Bill is a senior at the University of Maryland studying Computer Science. Post graduation, he'll be working in Seattle for GoDaddy as a software engineer. After discovering an interest in web development this past summer, he spends most of his time ignoring course work and focusing on learning the ins and outs of creating high quality React applications with and without Redux. Occasionally, he even enjoys sharing some of the things that he's learned.
If you've ever used redux, you probably know how difficult it can be to scale. With the store, action creators and reducers there are usually a lot of files floating around and a lot of different things to have to reason about at once. This often leads to a disproportionate amount of time being spent on the organization and setup of an application rather than the actual building of the application. Reducers in particular can take up a lot of setup time, as they are usually written with switch statements, requiring a rather substantial amount of boilerplate. This verbosity is not only an inherent time sink but also increases the opportunity for silly typos and syntactical errors. As projects scale and reducers grow, this problem only becomes amplified. redux-concise, the library that will be the focus of this talk, aims to solve this problem, thus decreasing the amount of time you need to add functionality to your redux applications. redux-concise is just a collection of higher order reducers that abstract away the boilerplate code by handling a lot of common reducer use cases out of the box. This gives you the ability to write your reducers in well, a very concise way while still being clear as to what is happening for each action. On top of discussing its use in redux applications, I'll also be going into how you can use the redux-concise with the new useReducer hook in the React[masked] alpha! Check out redux-concise at

Xan Ditkoff
Xan came to Blockstack with backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, and the military. He is passionate about driving the creation, growth, and expansion of application ecosystems through his growth role and with the Signature Fund.
Xan will talk about Blockstack which is a collection of different tools that allows users to access applications that work in a different way than traditional ones. They manage their own identity across the entire ecosystem and store information in their provider of choice.
Blockstack is very different from traditional applications where the information and authentication system is closed behind the companies’ servers. It is a gateway for a whole new breed of applications and possibilities.

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