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What we’re about

Ever wonder what your true purpose is in life? Ever question "mainstream reality" given to us by the media? Ever wonder what ancient peoples thought of the world? What their belief systems were like? Ever wonder about UFOs or the paranormal? If you've ever thought of any of these things or more, then the Jersey Shore Red Pill Society may be a great place for you! This club is all about getting people together who ask many questions about their realities and seek to converse and hypothesize with like minded individuals, which can be hard to find in our day to day lives. This club is meant for everyone, from the expert conspirologist to the neophyte who is just getting into some of the subject matter. The main emphasis on this group is to get people together who may feel alienated for thinking outside the box, where they are free to express their ideas and beliefs. So come one, come all!! And always keep an open mind!