• JS Channel Meetup #3

    Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

    Hello Everyone, It's time for another JavaScript meetup now. This time we have changed the format a bit. From now onwards we will be having 2 long talks of 1 hour each and 3 short or flash talks of 15 minutes each. Following are our topics list - Introduction to React This introduction to React will walk you through the decisions developers should make while choosing or NOT choosing React JS. From breaking down the basic building blocks of React to getting you up and running, this talk is focused on demystifying the React ecosystem for absolute beginners. Here is what we will cover in one hour: 1. What is react? - react for people who work with jQuery - 10 mins 2. When to choose it? - 5 mins 3. When not to choose it!? - 5 mins 4. Basic building blocks of React - 20 mins 5. Up and running in 5 mins - 5 mins 6. Small live code demo - 15 mins 7. Resources for react ( where to go next) - 5 mins Speakers: Manjula Dube (Senior Developer) and Amit Erandole (Mad Scientist, Brandarms) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- JavaScript : How to Get Started and Best Practices This talk is intended to introduce new developers to JavaScript and help experienced developers learn more about its best practices. Following topics will be covered in this talk - 1. About JavaScript 2. Getting Started 3. JS - The Good Parts 3. A Brief Look at JS Patterns 4. Test Test Test 5. Frameworks and Libraries Speaker - Chandan Tiwari (Founder of AstrologyAPI.com and JavaScript Enthusiast) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Understanding scope in JavaScript Understanding scope in JavaScript is key to writing good code. In some languages, this can be quite straightforward, but in JavaScript handling scope in your applications can sometimes become frustrating. With this flash talk you will understand where variables/functions are accessible, be able to change the scope of your code’s context and be able to write faster and more maintainable code, as well as debug much faster. Speaker - Manmeet Bhurjee (Tech Lead at LRN and JavaScript Expert) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Creating Multi channel bots (slack, skype, facebook messenger, etc) which understand natural language using the Open Source NodeJS SDK and BotFramework Following topics will be covered: * Bots aren’t new – why are they now blowing up? * Overview of Botframework, Cognitive services and the Open Source Botframework NodeJS SDK * We will create a bot using the NodeJS SDK and enable it for multiple channels Speaker - Mani Bindra (Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft, Speaker, JS Enthusiast and Open Source Contributor ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Mani Bindra for the venue. Please let us know if you have any query or suggestions. Comment below. Cheers, Chandan

  • JS Channel Meetup #2 at Z Nation Lab

    Z Nation Lab

    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year 2017. Let's start this new year with a more learning and sharing experiences. Our venue partner is Z Nation Lab - A Startup Factory. Special thanks to them. People who wish to share their experience or learning on any of the JavaScript topics including NodeJS are most welcome. You can contact us using comments section or direct message. Following are the speakers who are confirmed - Introduction to TypeScript - by Pankaj Parkar. TypeScript is typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JS. It is pure OO with class, interface and inheritance and statically typed like C# or Java. Here, Pankaj is going to cover TypeScript fundamentals. Closures in JavaScript - by Manmeet Bhurjee We frequently use closures in JavaScript, and, no matter your JavaScript experience, you will undoubtedly encounter them time and again. Sure, closures might appear complex, but let’s dig in a little and try to understand Closures in the simplest form. Functional Programming - by Dipen Bagia Functional Programming(FP) can change the way you program for the better. In this talk, Dipen is going to get you started with Functional Programming with JS by introducing Functional Programming with its history and concepts. Introduction to Microservices - by Rahil Shaikh In this talk, we will have a brief introduction to Microservices. Rahil will discuss about problems it solves and challenges he has faced. He will also talk about what works and what not in case of microservices long with tools recommendation. Please let us know if you would like to speak or have any specific topic you want some one to take on.

  • JS Channel Mumbai Meetup


    Inviting all JS enthusiasts for JS Channel Mumbai meet-up : Let's get together to share our learnings, views, ideas and network. Join fellow developers to share resources, learn, and form discussions around technical topics related to JavaScript. With this collaboration, we'll try to make the meetups more regular and diverse. We are planning to have 3 sessions of 40-50 minutes each. Flash Talks - You can also share your experiences, learnings, tools or problems with the community members. (10-15 minutes) If you would like to contribute towards technical talks kindly comment here or message us directly. We are inviting developers to present and share their knowledge with the community. Talks - GruntJS– Let Someone Else Do My Tedious Repetitive Tasks by Manjula Dube : In this talk, she is going to talk about What and Why of Grunt. How grunt makes developers life easy. And, yes there is some chocolate to be won as well, so be prepared. RegEx in JavaScript by Manmeet Bhurjee :This will be a talk about Regular Expressions (RegEx) in JavaScript. He’s going to talk about how RegEx provide a really powerful way to do pattern search and replace on strings. He will also walk us through some live examples to demonstrate the power of RegEx. 10 Common Mistakes Made by Angular JS Developer by Pankaj Parkar : Currently angular js is one of the most popular javascript framework. It has simplified web development process and followed good architecural pattern. However, developers tend to make some common mistakes while developing application could lead to perf impact and unmaintainable code issue. Pankaj is going to contrast on those mistakes so that you can avoid them to make your application healthy. Exploring ES6 by Chandan Tiwari : ES6 or ECMASCRIPT 2015 is a major update to JavaScript and includes many new features such as destructuring, classes, map, set, promises etc. In this talk, Chandan is going to take us through these features with live examples. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon. If you have any other comment, we are listening.

  • JSChannel Meetup #4: Angular Directive In Depth

    Meetup Topic: Covering Angular Directive in depth with hands on examples. How directive will look like Angular 2 (Overview) Don't forget to bring your Laptop, which should have sublimeText or any other IDE tool. Should also have installed server laptop like WAMP/LAMP/IIS, etc Slides (work in progress): https://slides.com/pankajparkar/directive-in-depth Pre-requisite: Should have basic knowledge of Angular 1.X ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi JSLovers, Topic of this meetup: Angular Directive in Depth by pankajparkar (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/190389728/) Pankaj is JavaScript Enthusiast who attended our previous meetup and got inspired to present this very interesting topic in this meetup. Kudos Pankaj! Looking forward to learn nitty gritty of Angular Directives from you. We would like to see more enthusiast like Pankaj coming forward and be part of our meetups not just as participant but as a speaker who would love to learn and teach JavaScript and things revolving around it. If you are interested in presenting any topic, gives us a shout in comments section and we may fit you in this meetup itself. Best Regards, Pinakin Mistry

  • JSChannel Mumbai Meetup #3


    Links for today's meetup: 1. Angular 2.0 and its standards by Sandesh Damkondwar (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/122506242/): http://slides.com/sandeshdamkondwar/angular2-intro#/ Hands on: https://github.com/sandeshdamkondwar/hello-angular-2 2. Functional Reactive JavaScript using Observables by Pinakin Mistry (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/90445522/): http://pinakinmistry.github.io/workshops/frjs2/#/ Hands on: https://github.com/pinakinmistry/workshops/tree/gh-pages/frjs2 This is just trailer. Come watch full movie ;-) See you soon. Pinakin Hello JSLovers, We have 2 sessions lined up in this meetup: 1. Angular 2.0 and its standards by Sandesh Damkondwar (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/122506242/) 2. Functional Reactive JavaScript using Observables by Pinakin Mistry (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/90445522/) Pre requisites: 1. You and Your laptop 2. Text editor of your choice (Sublime Text/WebStorm/Notepad++) 3. Chrome/Firefox browser 4. Afternoon power nap, seriously :-) See you soon. Pinakin Mistry. Hello JSLovers, We are calling out for speakers who can talk/walk/dance hands on JavaScript or stuff around it. One probable session could be Functional Reactive Programming using Observables. But you can knock it off with topic you like to talk on. So, the stage is all yours. Put your suggestions as comments here. Best Regards, Pinakin

  • JSChannel Mumbai Meetup #2 - Enterprise JavaScript and AngularJS Basics Workshop

    Hello JSLovers, We have below 2 sessions for this meetup: 1. Enterprise JavaScript Project Goals by Chetan Revankar (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/126188502/) 2. AngularJS Basics Workshop by Pinakin Mistry (http://www.meetup.com/JSChannel-Mumbai/members/90445522/) Synopsis: Session #1: Enterprise JavaScript Project Goals Share and Compare what others are doing in large JavaScript projects. 1. Non functional goals of JavaScript Project a. Cost b. 10 year support c. Performance d. Logging e. Debugging f. Browser Compatibility g. Modularity h. Fault tolerance 2. Typical enterprise application stack a. Server Side & Client Side b. HTML + JS + CSS c. Decoupled development / Modularity implementation / Parallel development (Assuming angular 1.3) d. Framework selection 3. JavaScript dev environment set up 4. Tooling 15 min depending on interest a. JSCS b. Jshint c. Jsmin d. Csslint Session #2: AngularJS Basics Workshop 1. What is AngularJS 2. Why AngularJS? 3. Core Features of AngularJS 4. AngularJS Components 5. Let's build something using AngularJS Pre requisites: 1. You and Your laptop 2. Optional - Install NodeJS (https://nodejs.org/download/) 3. Text editor of your choice (Sublime Text/WebStorm/Notepad++) 4. Chrome/Firefox browser 5. Afternoon power nap, seriously :-)

  • JSChannel Mumbai's inaugural meetup (Functional Reactive JavaScript Workshop)

    Room 105, Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri West

    Tentative Schedule: 5:30 pm - Introductions and ice-breaker discussion 6:00 pm - Functional Reactive JavaScript Workshop * Functional Programming * Functional Reactive Programming using Observable/RxJS. * Coding an observable from scratch 8:30 pm - Closeout