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React CDK (Component Development Kit) & Storybook with Alan Blount

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Presenter: Alan Blount

Geek, Freak, Muppet, Robot, Inventor, Artist, Communicator

I have been a web application developer since '97 and I still enthusiastically love it.

Seriously, how lucky am I? I get to play with complicated puzzles all day long. Sometimes the puzzles are code, sometimes specifications, hardware, communication, and anything else. It's all interesting and empowering and we are constantly improving. (

React CDK is not just another React boilerplate. It’s much more than that, and it comes with support from Kadira.

With React CDK, you can focus on developing your React component or utility while React CDK takes care of all the other stuff.

Read why Kadira created React CDK.

React CDK comes with following features:

Create a project with a single command.

Write your component in ES2015+ syntax.

Develop in a live environment with React Storybook.

Write tests with Mocha and Enzyme.

Use ESLint with the Airbnb style guide.

Publish correctly transpiled code into NPM.

Deploy your storybook to GitHub Pages.



to core building tools. (

Now you can develop and design React UI components without running your app.

You just load your UI components into the React Storybook and start developing them.

This functionality allows you to develop UI components rapidly without worrying about the app. It will improve your team’s collaboration and feedback loop.


Isolated environment for your components (with the use of various iframe tactics).

Hot module reloading (even for functional stateless components).

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