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STANDING ROOM ONLY Panel discussion, Topic:"Web developer careers in our city"

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JavaScript Developer AMA (Ask me anything) / Panel discussion

"Web developer careers in our city; where we have been and where we are headed?"

March 15th 2017, 7pm - 10pm at Warp Zone Louisville

This is a specifically beginner-friendly evening event where 3-5 experienced JavaScript developers from the Louisville area will be answering a mix of audience and moderator driven questions on the topic of "Web developer careers in our city; where have we been and where are we headed?"

With the recent boom of career-change beginner developers in our city, mostly due to the work of Code Louisville, there are many questions becoming quite common:

"How did you get your first job in the industry?”

"How do I get my first job in the industry?”

"What do I need to know to be considered ‘ready’?"

"What should I expect from my first interview?"

"Where should I start?"

This night is a specific time when beginners have the opportunity to ask experienced developers anything career related. Alex Bezuska will act as moderator, keeping the discussion flowing and offering preconceived questions to help enlighten the audience on this ever-expanding field.

Our Panelists

Leigh Prince

Junior Web Dev at Interapt

Leigh went from customer service to web development after graduating from Code Louisville twice (Front End in 2015, C#/.NET in 2016). She primarily works on Angular2 projects with a little bit of mobile app development, and also does some C# game development in her free time.

Craig Burton

Senior JavaScript Engineer at PlatformQ

Craig has been coding as a hobby for 20 years, and professionally since 2012. He specializes in Angular, but constantly seeks to learn new and different technologies to keep his toolbox up to date, and is currently having fun making games in ClojureScript in his spare time.

Aaron Johnson

Owner - Top Shelf Robot

Aaron received a PhD in Macromolecular Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan. He then worked in Intellectual Property insurance until transitioning to web development, later becoming a freelance developer and then founding Top Shelf Robot, a consulting firm that works primarily in NodeJS and PHP to build web-based applications for clients.

Ben Wiley

Software Engineer at Autodesk

Ben graduated from Davidson College in 2015, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Computer Science. Since completing an online certificate in front end web development in 2015, Ben has contracted with a number of Louisville-based startups, and recently began a full-time position with Autodesk, based out of Montréal.

The event will be live-streamed and recorded on YouTube starting at 7:15 ( )

If you ask a question it will be part of the live stream.

Asking questions

Questions can be asked both in person or online on the youtube stream page

Please specify to whom you are asking the question, or address it to the entire panel.

Please briefly raise your hand and the moderator will take note so there is no need to keep your arm raised

There is no need to stand to ask a question

The moderator will have questions to start and end the conversation, and also to fill in the gaps

Moderator will repeat your question, this will help both the audience and improve the audibility of the live stream/recording