Excuse To Create (Hack night)


This event has changed! Due to difficulty finding a learn night speaker I have switched this meetup to a casual time to work on projects.

The purpose of this meetup is to give us all time & space to work on or share their projects away from distractions.

Feel free to work on anything (yes even non-JavaScript!)

Here are some ideas to get you going:

• Work on your Code Louisville project

• Contribute to an open source project for #hacktoberfest (https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/)

• Finally start a tutorial for that framework you have been curious about

• Brainstorm or ask questions of other developers in a friendly environment

• Turn up you headphones and code without family distractions

• Get started on your own personal website with portfolio

• Share your latest prototype web app

• Meet local developers and network

• Learn how to code your own video games

• Work on slides for a your first talk to present at JSLou next month ;)

What is JSLou?

JSLou is a gathering where people of any experience level, and all types of JavaScript can feel right at home. We meet two times per month to talk about news in the world of JavaScript and Nodejs, show projects we are working on, and work on group projects. Come check it out!