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JSLuxembourg is Luxembourg's JavaScript User Group. We organize monthly meetups that takes place at changing locations (Amazon Offices in Clausen, Technoport, theImpactory,..just to mention a few). This group is aimed at people that have an interest in JavaScript, either professionally or simply just for fun. For a meetup usually there is one main speaker presenting a topic for 30min and then we propose that people join in to give short (5-7 min) lightning talks. We will put our presentations and other documents on our github organization.( https://github.com/luxembourgjs )

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JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg July 2019

"gRPC: how to and where to" by Rodislav Moldovan https://twitter.com/rodislavable Most of the developers are chosing REST and HTTP endpoints to make their applications talk to each other. Yet, there's a new "type safe" player in town. "Dependency management for web developpers" by Cyril Walle https://github.com/grossacasac He will answer: - What is dependency management - How to publish a package - How to use a package as a dependency - How to evolve a package - Security - Private packages - CI, non-js packages and other tips - Comparison npm, yarn, pnpm, deno etc This event is sponsored by Maltem Belux https://www.maltem.com/ Many thanks to them for supporting our events.

JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg October 2019

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"Going offline with Workbox" by Sam Vloeberghs Did you ever started with implementing a service worker for your PWA from scratch? If so, think about the steep learning curve you had to tackle programming your routing scenarios and offline capabilities. If not, don't be scared. With Workbox, a framework by Google, we will cover some general scenarios to get you started! Sam is a Belgian freelance software architect and Internet entrepreneur, currently focussing on frontend technologies. Co-organiser of NG-BE and Angular Belgium meetup. https://samvloeberghs.be https://twitter.com/samvloeberghs

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JavaScript Meetup Luxembourg 18 June 2019

ADNEOM Luxembourg

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