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The Oxford Mega Super Meetup Meetup

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If you ever have trouble making decisions, then we’ve totally got you covered. This month Oxford Python (, JSOxford (, OxRUG (, Codebar (, dotnetoxford (, DevOpsOxford ( & WPOx ( are going to be joining forces for a mega meetup (of super meetups).

We’ll be meeting at the Story Museum (just off St Aldates) at 6.30. There’s likely to be drinks and refreshments, and lovely people to chat to.

We’re going to have a bunch of short talks about a bunch more things. It’s going to be a bit chaotic, but also really interesting, and tonnes of fun.

This meetup is also pretty exciting, because it’s TODAY.

If you’d be able to give a short talk (from 5-15 minutes), then please do get in touch. We’d be looking for stuff a) that’s interesting/relevant to a wider tech community b) anything at all.

We’ll be announcing talks/details/stuff as they become apparent.

Talk 1 - Semi-skimmed vim: a practical path to text editing enlightenment - Sam Whitehall (

Talk 2 - The UX of VR: 10 Quick Tips - Max Glenister (

Talk 3 - Tech Interviews that don't suck - Marc Tamlyn (

Talk 4 - Starting .NET Oxford - Dan Clarke (

Talk 5 - Putting people together with coaching & mentoring - Ryan ( (

Talk 6 - JS and HTML5 Canvas - the only limit is your imagination... and processing power - Ben Newton (

Talk 7 - Diversity and Tech - Beverley Newing (

Talk 8 - A call for useless - Matei Copot (

Important things / rules:

• We have a code of conduct ( - be respectful of others, and if you have any issues or problems; tell us.

• You should refer to the meetup name in full

• If you have any more questions, try looking at the official event logo:
The Story Museum
Pembroke Street · Oxford OX1 1BP
How to find us

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