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London Audio Developers meetup: Towards std::audio – basic API design

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London Audio Developers meetup: Towards std::audio – basic API design


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**** std::audio ****
In this meetup, we will discuss P1386 ( – a proposal to add a basic, modern audio API to the C++ standard library. We will present the design and implementation of the API in its current state, show working example apps, and give an update on the progress of the proposal from the latest C++ committee meeting. This will be followed by an extended Q&A session, where we can together discuss current issues and open design questions.

**** SPEAKERS ****

Timur Doumler - Timur Doumler is a C++ developer specialising in audio and music technology, member of the ISO C++ committee, and program chair of the Audio Developer Conference (ADC). He is passionate about writing clean code, providing good tools, evolving the C++ language, and building inclusive communities.


The Audio Developers meetup is organised by the ROLI team responsible for the Audio Developer Conference, the largest annual gathering of audio developers.

The recurring themes of the meetup are: Digital Signal Processing, 3D audio, embedded audio, plug-in development, audio for mobile and more.

We welcome proposals from individuals and company alike. Please contact with an outline of your talk and we'll get back to you.

**** NOTE ****
The talks itself start at 7pm but you are free to grab a drink from the space bar from 6pm onwards and meet other audio developers.

10 South Place EC2M 2RB · London
119 spots left