Lighting night: una serata di mini-talk!


Serata dedicata ai lighting talk

GraphQL APIs in Scala

Introduzione allo sviluppo di API GraphQL, con esempi in Scala utilizzando Sangria .
Saranno presentati i vantaggi rispetto alle tradizionali API rest, le best practice e limitazioni incontrate nell'esperienza diretta.

Speaker: Dario Balinzo

Jabel - use Javac 12+ syntax when targeting Java 8

"Life is too short to wait for your users to upgrade their Java!"

While Java is evolving and introduces new language features, the majority of OSS libraries are still using Java 8 as their target because it still dominates.

But, since most of features after Java 8 did not require a change in the bytecode, javac could emit Java 8 bytecode even when compiling Java 12 sources.

Speaker: Roberto Franchini