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Professional photographer Jack Gescheidt, founder of the environmental TreeSpiritProject.com, and professional photographer for over 30 years, shares his decades of experience, knowledge and passion for photography — and nature — with "JackPhoto Workshops."

Fun, outdoor workshops for both DSLRs (digital single lens reflex) cameras and smartphones, esp. the iPhone, which is Jack's modern point-and-shoot of choice. In knowledgeable hands, it's capable of doing more than just being pointed and shooting without thought.)

Jack is a high-energy but gentle teacher with patience and a sense of humor. You'll get individual attention in the small workshop groups at whatever speed you learn at, from beginner to advanced.

This Meetup Group is a way for people to learn about Jack's upcoming workshops, classes and outings.

See Jack's commercial photographs here: http://www.JackPhoto.com


See his fine art "TreeSpirit" images of vulnerable humans communing with trees, our oldest, dearest of friends, to raise awareness of their critical role in our lives: http://www.TreeSpiritProject.com



STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: Hey Jack, just want to let you know that Clay and I were extremely enlightened with what we learned today. I’ve been very impressed with your poise as a photographer but was blown away with your integrity and ability as a teacher. Diana even said that when we're ready for the next level class, we have her seal of approval. Thanks for a great learning experience. - Scott, 2019


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JackPhoto Workshop for DSLR — your "real camera"

San Anselmo


Have your very own professional photographer with you, over your shoulder, all day, as you photograph varied subjects in varying light. Ask him all those endless nagging camera and photo questions that arise in the moment — and get immediate answers. Jack Gescheidt is your photographer for the day, from 10am to 3pm. He'll work — and play — one-on-one with you in the field, because the class is small, usually 6 or fewer people, so you'll get individual attention, for wherever your knowledge level. • Overcome your hesitation or awkwardness in using your "real camera," the one that allows more creative control than your smartphone, and why it's worth lugging around sometimes. • Get numerous real-world pro tips to improve your images, including many you'd never know to ask. • Play and experiment photographing buildings, trees, people, insects, abstract patterns of light, and anything else that catches your attention, all while learning under Jack's watchful eye and 30 years professional experience. NOT SURE IF YOU’RE A FIT for this workshop? Message or email Jack: jack@jackphoto-DOT-COM WHERE & WHEN: We’ll meet in the town of San Anselmo, CA (near Hwy 101 in Marin County), and stop mid-way through for a lunch (and brain) break to re-fuel before heading off for more photo ops. EXACT MEETING PLACE given to attendees (please sign up first). FEE: $125 or $95 Advance. Pay with credit/debit card via PayPal, account: [masked] (To pay by check, message or email Jack: jack@jackphoto-DOT-COM)

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iPhone WORKSHOP June 22 (Sat.) in Marin

Marin County


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