What we're about

C# open source programming meetup.

The purpose of this meetup is to bring together people with passion for development.

Basic structure: Someone will share some announcements and recognize some open source achievements. Next, we'll go around the room and everyone can get a chance to talk about what they are interested in and some projects they are working on.

Afterwards we can have open discussion and hopefully find some people with common interests.

Topics of interest (in no particular order):
.Net core
Home automation
C# on a raspberry pi
Linux (with c# and Roslyn)
Robotics with C#
Dapper and other open source ORMs
NEO (Etherium like Crypto that executes contracts in C#)
Architecture and patterns

Also feel free to bring up topics of discussion if you are interested in learning about a new thing within C#.

This is an active meetup, meaning if you aren't working on projects or interested in starting a project you should not attend this meetup. Thanks!

Looking forward to getting a really tight group of developers and technologists together!

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