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Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Club: Networking and Training is for real estate investors and related professionals that are serious about business, cultivating strong relationships and dedicated to providing access to knowledge and information that can help each of us grow to the next level of real estate investing. Our meetups are in person and you're welcome to come and network.

Our group is a fun-filled way to gain information on a variety of up to date real estate topics:

• Investing - Strategies and Tips;

• Wholesaling, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, Luxury Real Estate & more;

• How to Locate Properties and Buyers;

• Loans and Private Funding;

• Real Estate Marketing Strategies;

• Property Management;

• Market Updates;

... and more

We welcome both new and seasoned investors/professionals and anyone that is open-minded and constantly looking to expand their own abilities and knowledge base.

The goal of the group is to help investors grow to the next level, while providing information and tools that can be used in the field today.

For Free Online Real Estate Investing Training and Resources, please visit http://www.lauraalamery.com

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How to Virtually Wholesale & Where to Find the Best Deals

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't RSVP and PAY by clicking the link below, you will NOT reserve your space for this VIRTUAL event: Click Here To Sign Up and Reserve Your Spot - https://wholesalingvirtually2021.eventbrite.com Would you like to know how to build a profitable virtual real estate business? It's all a matter of perception. In time of crisis, when a door closes, another one (or several) open. During this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the real estate investors who thrived in this business are the ones who improved or reinvented their way to do business. For a long time I have been talking about conducting real estate investing as a virtual business. I have personally being doing it for several years and nowadays 99% of my business is virtual. I have been investing since 1987. I have done it pretty much all, from wholesaling to fix and flip, buy and hold, raising private money and more. I have survived and thrived through 3 recessions. I will share with you how I have reinvented myself as an investor (and you can too!) and thrive during economic downturns with real estate investing. During this online presentation, I will share with you: - How to Buy and Sell 1, 3, or 10 houses a month locally and virtually; - Wholesale, Fix & Flip or Buy & Hold - no matter what your strategy, I will show you how it can all be done with my "silver bullet" approach; - Finding Deals - clever ways to find properties with very little to no competition and automate the process to create "virtual leads funnels"; - No Money, No Problem - how to secure financing nationwide for all your real estate deals. If you have been thinking about getting in real estate, this is THE time to do it. And would it be nice to have different options for every deal you come across? Either you can wholesale, fix and flip or buy and hold. Never leave any "money on the table" again. Where you have a seller, you can have options and different solutions for their properties. What about funding? Private lenders have NOT stopped lending through all the pandemic. I know several who are eager to loan right now! They also offer stated income, therefore it's not hard to get 100% financing structured for fix and flip and buy and hold. **SPECIAL Update - This presentation has been revised and updated with how to work your real estate investing business through these changing times and how you can thrive and profit even more in the upcoming future!** ADMISSION: I have only 30 spots for this event - Please Register TODAY! Click Here To Sign Up and Reserve Your Spot - https://wholesalingvirtually2021.eventbrite.com REFUND POLICY: If you pay and cannot attend, please cancel at least 48 hours before the event for a full refund. Also if you pay and cannot attend, please cancel at least 48 hours before the event for a full refund. But there will be a replay for anyone unable to make it but purchased a ticket. ACCESS INSTRUCTIONS: I will send via email the day of.

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The (Virtual) Make It Happen Real Estate Investing Retreat

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