What we're about

What we're about

Our Mission and goals

Jacob's Well is a connecting point for Christian Singles to grow in their faith while making new friends. The idea of this group is to create events to get out, socialize and learn new things about yourself in a positive, healthy and welcoming setting. Our mission is to create a community that fosters healthy friendships with people that share in your faith and help you to grow in your season of singleness. Jacob's Well meetup group allows us to create social events that connect people to activities in the community that facilitate this. Although this is NOT a dating site, you may meet someone special on this journey. But our goal is first and foremost to foster an atmosphere for people to build long lasting friendships. Once you have a community of caring, like-minded friends you are in a much better position to make healthier choices in all areas of your life including dating.

Sample of some of our activities: Socializing, Cultural events, Personal Development through Life Courses, Sporting events, Hiking, Dancing, Concerts, billiards, Rock Climbing, Canoeing and so, so much more.

If this group fits who you are and what you're looking for then come join us, we would love to have you come out! I believe God has created us to be in community and have close friends throughout every season of our lives, especially when we our single.

"Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone who is there to help them? Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

"A person who has friends must them self be friendly. But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

"Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another." Proverbs 27:17

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts we can be given in our lifetime. However, it is not a free gift. Long lasting friendships require empathy, effort and consistency. But I believe the rewards of friendship are well worth the effort. (Blogger, Ryan Hart)

More information about our group:

Jacob's Well is an inter-church group and not affiliated with one particular church. It is a Christian based group that has a mission of creating positive, fun events and activities with like-minded people and groups. This group is not a counselling or therapy group. However, we do believe that getting out and doing social activities will help foster growth, healing and new hope in members. One-on-one counselling and therapy needs to be facilitated through professionals.

There are other adult Christian singles groups in Winnipeg. These groups have a similar focus, to develop new friendships and socialize with adults of similar faith in fun, safe environments. At times Jacob's Well connects with these other groups or churches to create larger community events for our members to attend. Here is a list of names of other Christian singles church groups in Winnipeg at this time: FOCUS (Church of the Rock), Affinity (Meeting Place), Riverwood Church, Oasis Church.

Jacob's Well is not a dating site

This group is not a dating, site or service for online dating interactions. There is already enough of those out there. Instead our group is about personally attending events that create opportunities to connect with other Christians and make new and lifelong friends. Think of it like a group of friends getting out and enjoying each others company. I believe that aside from your relationship with God, having like-minded friends that you can socialize and have heart-felt connections with is one of the healthiest things you can do as a single Christian. A wonderful circle of friends is the great starting point for all future relationships in your life including your relationship with your future spouse.

General guidelines and requirements for Jacob's Well members.

A recent profile photo is required of all new members joining Jacob's Well. Your profile photo helps us know a little more of who you are and how we can identify you at our meetup events. It also creates a level of trust, authenticity and shows your commitment to the group.

We also require you to answer a few questions so we know a little more about your goals for joining this group. It is important that the leaders of this group review potential new members to foster a safe environment for all our members.

Marital Status

Jacob's Well is a singles group and is for single people. There are many situations in life where being single can make you feel left out or the third wheel. We have all been there and it is not necessary for me to mention those situations again here. This group, however, is not one of those situations. It was created for singles, and specifically, Christian Singles. This group is a place where single people are welcomed, and a part of a larger community (There is one exception where a married couple can be a part of this group and that is in a leadership role. See more info below). Many of us in this group are looking to meet the right person and be married. But, in the meantime, this group is part of our group of friends and community.

You are welcome to be a member of this group if you are: single, dating, separated (but not living with ex), engaged, widowed or divorced. As long as you are not married (or living common-law) you are welcomed to be a part of Jacob's Well. I've said this before, we are not a dating site but rather a place for people to find community, socialize and make new friends. So, wherever you are at in the above criteria, dating or not, we all need good friends around us to support us through our season of singleness until we are married. This group is not for people that are married except in cases where the couple has met while being a part of this group and want to continue on as a couple in a leadership role to encourage members on their journey as a single. This is the only instance where married people can be a part of Jacob's Well.

Messaging between members

Messaging between Jacobs Well members is allowed and is a normal way people interact in any group or organization. But, common manors and etiquette are always expected while interacting with all our members. Members should never feel uncomfortable by someone asking them unwarranted personal information or harassed in any way by another group member. This is an expected common courtesy that members should hold to in ALL their interactions, whether through messages or at meetup events. Please let me or group leaders know if you've come across any issues. It is our expectation that all our members are courteous and respectful in all their interactions. Don't ask or for or give out unwarranted personal information to people you don't know.

The FUN stuff! Join us at our exciting events

Finally, make a point to getting out to as many meetup events as possible. It doesn't do you any good to have a membership with our group and never attend an event. It's like having a gym membership but not attending. You will never get in shape with just being a member. Same goes with our group. You must make the effort to show yourself friendly to have friends. It's a leap of faith to come out to a group where you don't know anyone but I encourage you to take that leap and join us at one of our next events. We know from the bible that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. What are you hoping for? Put a little faith and action in your life and join us.

Testimonials. Here's evidence from our members that this group works:

A friend of mine suggested downloading the app and so I did. Jacob’s Well was the first group that came up. My first outing was BDI and I was so nervous that I almost didn’t go. So thankful that God lead the way to this group.

Being single is rough, especially when walking through the healing process of broken relationships. This group is inviting, friendly, and kind and exactly what I need to continue the journey to wholeness. Every outing has been fun. I love the different activities that people think of doing which has brought out an adventurous side I didn’t know I had. Then there is the added blessing of discovering new friends.


A deep thank you to those who organize the events and make everyone feel welcome and to all who attend - there are not enough words to describe the value you have all brought to my life. God’s desire for everyone is to have community and this group has built up my community.


Thank you for providing us with opportunities to be with others at our own pace, comfort level and be with like minded people that have similar life experiences. Most of us are in the same situation in the similar age bracket so our kids are now grown up and don’t need mom or dad as much any more. So now with more free time mom or dad now can get out of the house and develop friendships, go to activities and maybe try new ones and enjoy life again.


This group gets me out of the house! My adult kids are on their own and I'm reinventing myself. This group is a blessing because I can always count on meeting great people, having fun and good discussions. Thanks again for putting this group together!!


I am so very thankful & blessed to have been a part of this group for almost 3 years now! I discovered it at a time when I really needed to get out and enjoy activities with like minded people and make new Christian friends?
Since I started getting more involved and organizing events, it has taken me out of my comfort zone, given me enjoyment to plan a variety of events, more confidence, grown my communication & leadership skills, and best of all.... created some very deep, meaningful friendships! I share your vision, Ruth, to see this group grow and continue touching many peoples lives.. at times when they most need it


Being involved with this group has allowed me to meet like-minded people in a community that fosters friendship, faith, sympathy, empathy, companionship and a means to experience new things. Some of the stuff I have done with you guys I would not have considered before. Proof that being a Christian does not mean living a boring life. Making new friends is a serious benefit to joining and I thoroughly enjoy getting together with all members. It would be nice to have more cake tho.


I hope these stories of new hope encourage to to come out to one of our awesome meetup events that my wonderful organizers have presented to you.



Biblical References to Jacob's well

Genesis 29:9-11 & 18-20.

As Jacob was on his journey obeying his calling he comes to a well to find nourishment and falls in love. Verse 11 "Then Jacob kissed Rachel, and lifted his voice and wept."

John 4:13

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, 14 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

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