Online Jade Circle® Surrey: Heart, Womb and Earth Connections

Jade Circle® Surrey Taoist Practice & Qigong for Women
Jade Circle® Surrey Taoist Practice & Qigong for Women
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I invite you to join me for heartfelt connection with yourself, with one another, and with the earth. Wherever you are in the world, we can meet in a safe online space to share nourishing Taoist practices.

Taoist Meditation, Qigong, and the Jade Egg Holistic Practice, are the perfect tools for times of uncertainty, change and challenge. I'd love to share these with you. I'll be guiding us through simple, practical ways to support you and keep you grounded and hopeful. The effects are immediate, and the more we practice the better we feel. I'm grateful to my teachers for these life-enhancing practices, which I've been benefitting from for over a decade.

In our online Jade Circle® I'll share ways to connect with our hearts, our wombs and sexual centre, and the earth. I'll also explain how the Jade Egg Holistic Practice can support us. Through meditation, self-massage, movement and Qigong, we can use the power of our energy and intention to create the change we need in ourselves, for ourselves and for others. This is also a chance to connect with your inner wisdom and restore self-confidence. You don't need any experience and there will be time for questions.

All women are welcome. You'll need a comfortable place to sit with space to stand too. Please have some water to hand, and a notepad and pen in case you want to jot down any inspirations that come to you. I look forward to meeting you in the online realm!