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A sweet and gentle practice not to be missed. Having the nephrite "Jade Egg" as our Circle's namesake brings the symbolism of Women's Vitality and Youthfulness that we are gather to motivate and cultivate.



The Jade Egg (also known as Yoni* Egg) is a 100% pure & high-quality nephrite jade carved into an egg shape and polished very smoothly to be worn inside the vagina, much like pelvic floor training tools known from modern clinical settings to assist with issues of incontinence, birth preparation, and more. It may also be used externally in the form of a meditation where it then becomes a Yin practice. The Jade Egg practice is known to have evolved from ancient China. It is now slowly garnering more attention and awareness to aid with Women's Health at large, with more to be uncovered.

*Yoni is the Sanskrit word used to refer to the female genitalia—a woman’s gateway to Creation, Bliss and Pleasure.

Harnessing the natural vibrational power of crystal healing, Adeline Tan introduces the nephrite Jade Egg as a beautiful tool for healing and connecting with our female body in a Present, Loving and Empowering way. Adeline works closely with various esteemed holistic practitioners to bring healing and empowerment to women from all walks of life.

Certified Nephrite Jade Eggs are available to purchase for those who are ready to get started!

Advanced practitioners may order different sizes and gemstone types from The Healing Concierge directly. A GIA certified selection will also be available at this Circle.

The Jade Egg Circle is specially created to provide a safe space for us women to gather and share best practices on improving and maintaining optimum health centering around women's wellness. Using the Jade Egg as a beautiful tool for healing and connecting with our female body in a Present, Loving and Empowering way.

In each Circle we may feature a special guest specialising in a particular field of Womens' Health and Wellness.


• The Ancient Practice once reserved only for Royalty & Nobility and have a Better Understanding of our Female Anatomy and how the system Truly Works.

• Listen and Practice with Fellow Women as we share this journey of Self-Empowerment and Nourishing Women's Health more effectively.

• Deepen the Connection with your Own Body, as the practice develops Greater Sensitivity and Awareness.

• Improves overall Female Wellbeing including Incontinence.

• Release stored Emotions that no longer serves and wish to be Released.

• Increasing the Pleasure of being a Woman!

• Awaken or Rejuvenate your Creative Powers.

• Love and Care for Yourself.


Adeline Tan Hui Lin, Founder of The Healing Concierge and Creator of LINS Smoodees and The Wellness Concierge, has been working with a multitude of natural healing modalities for the past 10 years. In her recent journey with supporting women's health and wellness, she has discovered the incredible benefits and transformation that the Jade Egg practice has given her. She has extensive training in Cosmic Qigong, Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Yoga, Raw & Whole Food Nutrition, 5 Rhythms and other Movement Therapies, Dynamic Spiral & Myofascial Release and Numerology.

Meanwhile, if you wish to book a 15 mins intro call with me and can't make it for the first part or none at all, you can select a time slot here: https://calendly.com/thehealingconcierge/introcall_jadeegg

See or hear from you soon!

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