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Yesterday, I'd to drive my mother to a hospital for a checkup. When I reached the hospital, I parked my car infront of a very influential businessman's bungalow. The car wasn't blocking his entrance in any way. When we got down of the car, a watchman started shouting on me and asked me to park my car somewhere else. Having read the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, I knew that I wasn't wrong in parking the car there. But the watchman was very adamant and rude, not only to me but also my mother. Ultimately, I removed my car from there. My experience can be termed as trivial, but it certainly made me feel the importance of equality and how it has become so easy for rich people to trash poor people in our country.

These type of incidents are becoming fairly regular. Rich and mighty think that they can do whatever they like and get away with it. This happens because of collusion or nexus between such businessmen, politicians and police. Encroachments effected by rich people are legalized whereas those done by poor people are dealt with a heavy hand. No encroachment is legal and law should deal with such cases without any bias. There shouldn't be any difference between rich and poor when there is a question of law. There are so many more examples, like in the case of Praduman's murder, a bus conductor by the name Ashok was put in jail and there was a deliberate attempt to save the real culprit who belongs to an influential family.

There are many other topics that we can discuss. We need to act now or else we will regret later, when our children will complain in the same manner as we do. We can't leave this rotten system the way it is. We can form a group where each of us try to add in a new member every week. We can keep this process going and multiply our numbers. If we start with 4, we can grow to 8, then to 16, then 32, 64, 128, so on and so forth. Later on we can decentralize and conduct meetups in small groups. If we grow fairly large, we can start asking questions, filing RTIs, addressing issues and also interacting with media.

If you ask me, do you want to be in politics? I'd say yes! There is nothing wrong to be in politics. But we need to be progressive and try to reform the system from within. Aam Aadmi Party also started with the same agenda but somewhere down the line, they lost it. We'll try not to repeat their mistakes and grow organically. If not utopia, we can make India a good place to live in. Please join in and atleast try this out. All are welcome!

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