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Welcome to Historical Timeline od Indonesian Chinese Here you will find timelines featuring some of the key events, inventions, and leaders which had a major impact on the Indonesia's history. Please note that due to limited space, some names and events may not be listed; however, we are confident that a consistent pace has been achieved, and that the subjects and individuals listed are of significant importance. It is also interesting to see how the evolution of humankind seem to escalate as we become more technologically advanced, and it is also interesting to note the various instances where religion and politics would intermingle, and to witness the wisdom and/or folly of those we chose to elect, or elected themselves as our leaders throughout history. Historical Timelines can be valuable tools, helping us understand why things are the way they are, and what led to their being so. On the positive side, we have come a long way having made tremendous advances in the fields of communications, medicine, and exploration, but on the negative side, we seem to closer to self destruction with each passing year, unable to end our warring ways.

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Alongside the timelines, we have added a selected bibliography and list of online resources to help in your research. We hope we will provide fuel your quest for knowledge to answer your questions about who, why, what, where, and when.