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• What is meditation? Meditation is training the mind. Training the mind to become what? To become still. In the stillness, all the ripples are gone, the mud in the water settles down, then the mind becomes like clear water. In this clarity, we can see things as they are, transparent, and we are at home with our own true nature.

• Although essentially meditation is a personal practice, it helps tremendously to come sit in a group meditation from time to time. Meditating in a group brings out a different energy that support your practice.

• I have various meditation background including meditation teacher training with Swami Pujan, a 10-days course at Tushita Meditation Center Dharamsala, immersive meditation retreat with Om Swami at Rishikesh, Vipassana retreat at Blue Mountain Center, Plum Village retreat. I'm also trained as a Yoga teacher with the Satyananda Yoga Academy Australia where meditation is emphasized as an integral part of Yoga.

• This meditation group is open for everyone, it is not religion oriented and non-denominational.

• If you're a meditation facilitator, I invite you to utilize this platform and become a co-organizer in this group, and announce your meditation activity here. Send me a message here or email me at or WhatsApp 08156058887.

• I regularly write about meditation and spirituality at www.wannabezen.zom and

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