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What we’re about

"There is nothing new under the sun" said an ecclesiastic, thousands of years ago. Although with the power of hind sight you could have argued that the entire Jakarta or Indonesia would have been new to him and fell into his category of being under the sun, it seems that humans have always worried about the world being boring. Yeah... TRUE. He didn't have TV, Computer, BlackBerry, iPhone, GPRS or GPS. He didn't have bike, motor, car, plane or even boat. That time didn't have any shopping mall, theme park, waterboom or high tower. His world has an edge. May be if he has all, like us, he won't said it or get bored. Rubbish! I have a TV, MacBook, BB, iPhone, travelled with motor, car, plane til cruise, went to Plaza Senanyan, Senayan City, Pasific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Central Park, jumped and screamed at Dufan, SeaWorld, WaterBoom til bamboo Rafting but yet I'm bored. Here, I decided to start The Jakarta Outdoor Adventurists Meetup with purpose of finding you who are bored with the office works, traffic jam, walking and shopping around the mall, eating or trying the lastest yummy or funky foods, looking nothing in your FB walls til forwarding the hoax around your BBM contact lists. But you are the "un-boring" person who like to do the "un-boring" things, go to "un-boring" places, meet the "un-boring" peoples and make friends with "un-boring" strangers like us. Togethere we do continuously "un-boring": walking, hiking, trekking, climbing, rafting, snorkeling, diving or any outdoor adventure and while that we enjoying the nature around Jakarta, Jawa and many beautiful places around Indonesia. I believe there is still "un-boring" adventure to be found in Jakarta, Indonesia. We just need to go try that little bit harder to find it or make it happen. Let's cut new edges into our maps, break our GPS' and set forth into the mother nature to find out what happens and making a difference to our nature, beloved country and ourselves. We will working close with travel organizer, local tour guide or just simply somebody who is experience and expert to guide us for the adventures. Sure, we request for the "un-boring" price from them too. ^^ See you on the top of "un-boring" hills, mountains and under the "un-boring" seas. SALAM!