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Jakarta Young Professionals (JYP) is a community of high-flying young professionals in Jakarta. JYP serves as a platform for young professionals from various industries to meet and talk on various topics - from career development to travel plans, from business updates to best coffee place in town. We need you to channel your inner youth energy into the discussions and make the most of your life by getting in touch with fellow young professionals!

PS: We welcome any nationalities!

Important disclaimer: this group does not tolerate any act of solicitation; including but not limited to posting any advertisement on one's service and/or product via group messages, and multi-level-marketing activities during our gathering.



Q: Didn't this group belong to something else, similar name but different vibe and purpose?

A: Yes, similar name but it did not really live up to its name, so I acquired it to transform it. That's what I believe in: you see something not in its place, you pick it up, you put it in the right place. This group has zero affiliation to the previous group.

Q: What is this group's core values then?

A: We believe on both working hard and playing hard, having plans for personal and professional development, making the most of our life, being open-minded.

Q: Is there any membership fee?

A: No.

Q: Okay, but you do charge a fee for meetup session, just like a business networking group, right?

A: No. You pay your own stuff at the cafe/restaurant/bar/club we meet at. If you order something, you pay for it. If you don't order anything, you can keep your wallet. We also notice that some bars and restaurants charge minimum fee, if that is the case we will let you know on the invitation. By the way, business networking group sounds too rigid, we're not that.

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