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What is Jakarta Clubbing meetup?

Its a place where anyone want to make new friends and like to clubbing together in jakarta also get clubs free entry, guest lists and just have fun together! Usually we meetup at least once in a month even sometimes every weekend! We went meetup on Clubs, Lounge, Annual Events, New Year Party, etc

Many come by themself its okay if you go alone i'll company you personaly. Newbies are welcome dont be shy we LOVE new members! We also have whatsapp group to chat with members to do some suprise/sudden meetup. So newbies don't worry you will never let behind or alienated, we always welcome new members! i will acompany you and introduce to others.

Any members can also suggest any idea of where to meet, what to do, posting events, etc So Lets Have Some Fun! However always remember to be responsible and take care each others.

Summary on Jakarta Clubbing:

Meetup sometime once in a month or every week

You will be notified by email or mobile phone number on upcoming meetup

Whatsapp group to chat

Posting on member forum

Group mailing list

Posting your own events

Suggest a place to meet

Friendly community so dont be shy!

You wont left behind admin will always take care of you

Newbies are very welcome

Meeting new friends, new best friends or even soul mate!

A Must Rules You Have to Follow:
Regulary open your active email for important updates about this meetup better to not bring any bag (bad people can put drugs inside your bag and accuse you for it)

You and the guests/friends you bring have to pay small meetup donations for every Jakarta Clubbing meetup you attend (pay it immidiately/not later once you meet the organizer/admin)

dont bring drugs, avoid others camera if you dont want your picture end up online
we do take your pictures and post it in this meetup website,use shoes and dress up

if you or your guests/friends attend any meetup this means that you agree
with the important notice above

you will receive regular offer emails

How to JOIN our Whatsapp group or to get upcoming meetup updates through whatsapp

Send Whatsapp to my number 085697362989 include in the text "JC_your name" (group in bahasa)

Help us to grow and keep on going:

You can help us by buying our ebook 'JC - Jakarta Clubbing Community' at LIVI ebook reader App



If you can't yet decide to join or not, feel free to send me email click here ( to ask any questions i'll reply ASAP or 75C4D32F (include introduction text "JC") or 085697362989 (whatsapp enabled). If you want to be our sponsor or media partner or house party/want us to make event at your club you can also email me click here (

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