#37 JakartaJS February Meetup Special Edition with Ariya Hidayat


Hello, JavaScript & Node.js Ninjas!

We're ready to announce our #37 JakartaJS February Meetup!

This is a special meetup because we will be joined by Ariya Hidayat

This meetup will be hosted by Microsoft Indonesia,
located here: https://goo.gl/maps/kxohShqbCxj (at 18th floor)


6.30 pm: Doors Open

7.00 pm: Opening Address by Hosts

7.10 pm: Start of Scheduled Talks

• Ariya Hidayat

The Art of Mastery // Unggul dan Berdikari

• JakartaJS Organizing Team

Community Announcement

until 9.00pm: Discussion and Networking

Remember to bring a photo ID to get through building security.

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See you there!

Remember to Join our Slack Group Chat:

https://jakartajs-join.herokuapp.com (https://jakartajs-join.herokuapp.com/)

Interest to share and contribute about topic for next meetup

You can submit your slides/topics on https://github.com/jakartajs/talks

Hengki, Giovanni, Sofian, Riza, Agung, Rahmat
The JakartaJS Organizers

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*The FAQ*

Q: Is this event free?
A: Yes, it is.

Q: Who are the target audience?
A: The target audiences are students, developers, coders, programmers, engineers and related professions.

Q: Can I come even if I haven't RSVP yet?
A: This meetup has a restricted space, thus it's mandatory to RSVP

Q: Is it okay to come late?
A: Yes, just come and join.

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