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I'm Amanda :) a Transformational Healer and Spiritual Life Coach at Strawberry Moon Healing Arts and I am so excited to offer this space to connect!

My intent is to weave a spiritual community of passionate souls and magical beings who are healing, transforming and creating wellbeing on Earth from the inside out, starting with your own inner sanctuary.

I create healing and transformational experiences, practices and workshops to enrich your life, healing and awakening journey. I intend to create casual gatherings as well as more organized themed groups, workshops and ceremonies.

Nourishing spiritual community is a key ingredient in wellbeing. I have been receiving the message that healing together in safe, contained group spaces is essential for so many beings right now.

I have created this group for anyone who is wanting to learn and explore the path of holistic, natural and spiritual healing and our events are especially well suited for Sensitives, Empaths, Introverts and creative souls. Our gatherings are meant for people wanting to connect soul to soul in a deeper way as sensitive people often do and create lasting soul friendships!

We chat about, explore and experiment with healing arts, self-care, alternative and holistic wellness, Intuition, spiritual practices, self discovery, energy work, soul and shadow work, plant medicine, shamanic and magical practices, Ascension, twin flames, astrology, tarot all things woo and more.

My hope is to bring insight, sweetness and companionship to the often challenging and lonely path of healing and spiritual awakening.

If you are looking for this kind of support one on one or even just a like-minded friend, please reach out and I'd be so happy to connect <3

Visit strawberrymoon.life for one on one work.

Join our virtual community for continuous connection and support, Facebook.com/groups/AWAKENINGSOULS888

Connect on Instagram: @_strawberry.moon_

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Feminine Embodied, A 2 Day Women's retreat

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Embodying the Priestess, Women's retreat

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Women's New Moon Circle

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Women's Full Moon Circle - Eclipse season soul reclamation

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