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Edogawa River Clean Up, Picnic & Spa/Swimming
Part 1 River Clean Up: We will gather at Barakinakayama Station ( just outside of the north exit ticket gate exit from 9:30a.m., and from about 9:40a.m. we will go to the Edogawa River by car (about 5 min.) and begin picking up trash along the banks as we walk toward the mouth of the river where it empties into Tokyo Bay. From about 12:30pm we will take a rest at the mouth of the river at Tokyo Bay and begin setting up for a picnic overlooking Tokyo Bay. Part 2 Picnic overlooking Tokyo Bay: From 1:00pm we will have a picnic in front of Tokyo Bay. There will be a Y1,000 admission for the picnic with all food and drinks provided (+Y500 for picnic guests drinking beer/wine/chuhai). We'll have some seats and tables, sun cover set up as well. Part 3 The Ichikawa Clean Spa (optional):After the picnic some guests may wish to visit the Ichikawa Clean Spa (only 4-5 minutes away on foot). If so bring a swimming suit, cap, towel and goggles. Facility entrance is Y200. Then entrance to the pool area is plus Y300 and entrance to the sento/rotemburo area is plus Y500. The Clean Spa also has courtesy shuttle buses to return people to area train stations. Recommended: Hat, long-sleeve shirt (for sun protection), gloves, walking/hiking shoes, generally older clothing that you don't mind getting a little dirty. The clean up route will is nearly all dry so rubber boots will not be necessary.Let's have fun enjoying our local nature while making it better at the same time. If you will attend this picnic please be sure to click going or e-mail the event leader, James, at yaesukita(at) as he has to prepare the food and drinks for the picnic. If you come late, walk to the river alongside the Tozai Line and go to the river and walk toward Tokyo Bay at the water line until you see us. Also call my cell phone[masked] if there are any problems finding us. The adjacent park has restrooms nearby the clean up area. パート1: 原木中山駅の改札口(北口)に9:30am集合。9:40am頃から江戸川まで歩き(徒歩約10分)、9:50am頃から川岸沿いの東京湾方面に向かってゴミを拾いをします。 パート2:ピクニック:12:30頃少々休憩した後、ピクニックする場所をセッティングして、午後1時頃から川の隣で早めのピクニックをします。すべての食べ物と飲み物は主催側で暢達します。ピクニック費(食べ物・飲み物)は¥1000(ビール、ワイン、チュハイ等お酒を飲む人は1,500円)。午後3時から午後3時半までに終了します。 パート3(オプショナル、希望者のみ): 近くの(徒歩4-5分)のクリーンスパでスイミング、ジャグジー、露天風呂などでリラックスします。水着、ゴーグル、タオルなどを持ってきてください。 作業しやすい服、また長袖長ズボン等草むらなどでも大丈夫な服、軍手、歩きやすい運動靴などでいらっしゃるよことをお勧めします。(軍手画ない場合はこちらでも用意しています) 地元の自然を楽しんだり、また改善しましょう。ご質問がありましたら、ご連絡下さい。当日グループを見つけられない時は、私の携帯電話090 -1847 - 5075に電話してください。雨の場合はイベントはキャンセルとなります。開催かキャンセルかの確認は、当日朝にこのページを確認してください。 お願い:ピクニックに参加する方は、人数に丁度よい量の食べ物や飲み物を準備出来るよう、必ずGoingをクリック、もしくは下のメールアドレスまで予約を送って下さい。 担当者:ジェームズ [masked], [masked].

Barakinakayama Station

Chiba Prefecture, Funabashi, 本中山7-7-1 · Tokyo