What we're about

Hey there,

This meetup is one of its kind in our own Ghaziabad.
Why this meetup?-
-To bring together creative readers and writers.
- To get you reading more.
- To get you writing more.

My name is Hersh Bhardwaj and I am an author and a passionate bookaholic. Having done my masters level literature education in England, I am following my passion.

I will -
- Help you read books ( more critically)
- Help you re-discover classics ( I know, we have all read them at school)
- Help you write more.

We will pick one book for every meetup. We will also pick one theme around that book. We will discuss that book and those who want to write anything ( short story/poem) around that topic are welcome to read that in the meetup.

It'll be good fun.

So, what are you still waiting for. Dive write-in!

Hersh Bhardwaj

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