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Toastmasters Inc. has been helping people around the world overcome stage fright, become better speakers, and grow into stronger leaders for over 90 years. Jamsil Brunch Toastmasters follows in these noble footsteps. Our lovely weekend recipe is the best way to start your Saturday! Join us for education, entertainment, and fun! Learn more about Jamsil Brunch Toastmasters and see how Toastmasters can benefit YOU! Our meeting starts at 10:30 every Saturday at Cafe Paikaji. Please RSVP. You can feel free to order a cup of coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 basically. Normally less than 5000 won and No EXTRA PAYMENT!

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Join to improve your public speaking, leadership, impromptu speaking, storytelling, and management skills. Toastmasters is an international organization from the USA. We are all volunteers helping each other improve our confidence and professional ability.

Toastmasters Inc. has been helping people overcome stage fright, public speaking fear and shyness, for over 90 years. Jamsil Brunch Toastmasters have begun with the same noble intentions. Come join us for a Saturday morning filled with education, entertainment, and fun! This will be an opportunity to learn more about Jamsil Brunch Toastmasters and how Toastmasters can benefit YOU!

How Does It Work?

A typical meeting lasts 90 minutes.

NO Trainers/Instructors/Teachers. Instead, members provide constructive feedback on each other's presentations.

POSITIVE FEEDBACK is a key part of the program success.

The Toastmasters Education Program is based on a proven curriculum that enables you to develop your communication and leadership skills one step at a time. The program is built on four guiding principles that have been in place since Toastmasters was founded in 1924:

• Experiential Learning–we learn by doing; by giving speeches and fulfilling leadership roles, we practice and improve

• Self-paced Program–we learn best at our own pace and comfort level

• Peer Feedback–through honest and supportive peer evaluation, we grow and improve

• Mentoring–experienced members encourage, guide and support us in our goals and help us to achieve more than we thought possible

The program comprises two tracks: Communication and Leadership. The two tracks are not mutually exclusive; you may participate in both at the same time, if you wish. You progress through each track by completing a series of manuals that contain projects and evaluation guides. There are many opportunities for awards and recognition along the way.

Top three reasons to join.

1. Discover a supportive community
Toastmasters is welcoming. You clap so much that you can’t feel your hands by the end of the session (and that's a good thing, it improves your blood circulation!). There is no booing, bickering, or badgering. There are only compliments and constructive feedback. At Toastmasters, you’re surrounded by a group of positive-thinking individuals that want grow personally and professionally just like you do.

2. Strengthen your network
Joining Toastmasters provides you with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life who have the drive to become successful. Toastmasters is a worldwide organization serving over four million people, and today the organization serves over 345,000 members in over 140 countries, through its over 15,900 member clubs.Networking and associating with such people reflects the caliber of person that you want to be.

3. Become comfortable with public speaking
Toastmasters is known as a public speaking organisation, and rightly so. That’s why most people join. The fear of public speaking is widely-known to be at the top of the list of most common fears. Yet, there are many occasions in our lives–regardless of our occupations–that require us to get up in front of people and give talks. The secret to overcoming this fear: practice. It’s as simple as that. Toastmasters provides the occasion for practice in public speaking and, for that alone, it is worth considering. Want to say goodbye to knocking knees and perspiring palms?

4. Learn how to present constructive criticism
Each session, there is a general evaluator who discusses how well the event was run by all the contributing members. Additionally, each speaker for the is given an evaluator. The evaluations are always done in a respectful and constructive manner. How many times in our lives do we have to break bad news to people? Wouldn't it be nice if we knew how to offer feedback with a little more tact? Toastmasters can help!

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