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Welcome to the JAMstack Boston! Prepare for an exciting lineup of speakers in the areas of static site generation, the modern web ecosystem, web apps and web hosting and performance solutions.

The JAMstack is not about specific technologies. It’s a new way of building websites and apps that delivers better performance, higher security, lower cost of scaling, and a better developer experience. No rendering means greatly reduced attack surface area for malware, ultra fast hosting on CDN, no debugging php or optimising rendertimes, and a super cheap way to scale your hosting.

JAMstack Boston is increasingly looking to power a larger part of tomorrow's internet!

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Web3 is Jamstack by Default with Anthony Campolo

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Hi Jamsters!

We will be hosting this meetup virtually on Thurs, July 7th at 6 p.m. EST!

The featured presentation is "Web3 is Jamstack by Default" by Anthony Campolo. There has been lots of hype around web3, but how does it fit into the current web stack and especially Jamstack websites? In this talk, Anthony Campolo from QuickNode explains how essentially all web3 applications can be thought of as Jamstack projects by default.

This is because what we traditionally think of as "Jamstack" frameworks including React, Vue, Svelte and all their associated static site generators and deployment platforms such as Netlify and Vercel can be used to interact with smart contracts on the blockchain in a decoupled way.

The frontend queries the blockchain and the blockchain functions as just another API. Anthony will demonstrate how to build an application using the Avalanche blockchain queried from a Svelte frontend.

Stay in touch with Anthony: https://twitter.com/ajcwebdev


As always, the intent of this meetup is to collaborate, network, learn, grow and most importantly have fun! Here's the agenda:

6:00 - 6:05 Welcoming Remarks

6:05 - 6:35 "Web3 is Jamstack by Default" with Anthony Campolo

6:35 - 7:00 Questions & Open Discussion

Also, remember we are on social media. Sharing is welcome and encouraged!:

Twitter: @JamstackBoston
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JamstackBoston

Look forward to seeing everyone!

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