Getting to Know Craft Sake: Brooklyn Kura


Brooklyn Kura:

As New York’s first sake brewery, Brooklyn Kura is dedicated to crafting high-quality sake and building a community of sake lovers in New York City. With only 15 other sake breweries in the United States, the majority of which are based in California, Brooklyn Kura is at the forefront of a new beverage category–American Craft Sake. While respecting Japanese brewing traditions, which have evolved over a thousand years, founders Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan are inspiring new interest in the ancient beverage with the application of unique American ingredients and a passion for the process.

In addition to serving a sake that is subtle yet complex, Brooklyn Kura aims to demystify and correct misconceptions about the beverage itself. For example, sake is widely believed to be a distilled spirit,
but it’s actually brewed. Additionally, it can also be served at a range of temperatures—premium sakes are typically served chilled. And of course, sake is not just for your salmon skin roll. It pairs with a wide range of dishes, and also makes for a great bar order.

- 06:30 pm Door opens/ Networking
- 07:00 pm Opening Remarks
- 07:15 pm Featured Session: Brian Polen - Co-Founder and President of Brooklyn Kura
- 08:00 pm Announcements & Open Networking

About Speaker:
Brian Polen is the co-founder and president of Brooklyn Kura. Through Brooklyn Kura, Brian hopes to challenge sake stereotypes and convert craft beer and wine enthusiasts to sake. A former vice president at american express, Brian transitioned away from analytics and marketing to pursue his passion and build a brand. Brian received a BA in Economics from the University of California, Irvine and a MS in Financial Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Brian is a father, traveler, and a Brooklyn stereotype.

This is a fantastic opportunity for cross-cultural learning with entrepreneurs in our greater community. We'd like to invite new founders, established startup leaders, and people thinking of starting their own company here in NYC to join us to share wisdom and information across borders. Join us and hang out afterward at a bar nearby!

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We hope that this event will be a place where Japan & New York people can come collaborate. Looking forward to seeing you all!

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