What we're about


Welcome to the Meetup. We're looking forward to 2018, and we'll hold workshops where people can exchange information on different topics of living in Tokyo, and Japan. We will explore having meetups on different subjects, but there are many things we will try to talk about.

Some topics we will try to organize in October are:

• Akihabara Reuse

• Akihabara Maid Cafe,

• Calculating the costs and backgrounds

• International Schools

• Bilingual Kids, Education

• Donating Blood

• Living in Kyoto

• Living in a Gaijin House

• Japan's Pension System

• Starting a company in japan and the US

• Learning to plan a project

• Finding Japanese startups

• Researching companies in Japan

• Japanese health insurance

• Japanese supermarkets

• Organizing for a 100 km hike

• Poverty in Japan

• Japanese vs US Approach to Home Finances

• Exploring Japanese subcultures

• Getting your housing deposit back, understanding rights

• Paying US and Japanese taxes

• Getting Japanese loans for children's education

• Getting a divorce in Japan; differences with other countries

• Preparing for the JPL1 test

• Living abroad and paying bills back home

• Shopping choices - Bic Camera vs Amazon

• Recycling/Reuse

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