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Originally this group was started for Canadian / Japanese but, our group has many different cultures from around the world that has made it really nice.

Learn about each others cultures, make friendships and even meet people for new relationships. This group will be VERY strict about who is allowed to join. Some people are players and just looking to meetup for one night stands. This is NOT what this group is for. If your looking to make new friends and enjoy activities, if your honest and sincere that's great. If your also serious about meeting someone for a relationship that's great too :)

Guys, please note that approval may take a little time, we will sometimes ask our Female Group members to approve your requests. Thanks for your patience.

If your joining to sell services such as agency services, school, Immigration services or other, sorry we won't approve your membership or will delete your membership and ban you if we find your trying to sell services or recruit members for other things. Products are ok such as Makeup or Health Products or Clothing parties or meetups is okay.



Male members may not ask for contact information such as Facebook, Chat applications, e-mails, phone numbers or other information from our female members. Male members may not ask our female members for their home address, where they work or go to school. Male Members may not offer their contact info either unless a female members specifically asks for it. Guys, you may not use our meetup group to contact our female members through members list. If we find out, you will be deleted and banned form this group.

Female Members please always use caution. Do not give away your contact information to anyone or where you live or work unless you get to know a person and feel comfortable. This is good for any meetup group and especially strangers you meet in coffee shops or on the street too. If you feel interested toward a guy, it's ok in our group for Female members to give or ask a guy for contact information but not for guys to give or ask unless girl asks. This will make our group safe and comfortable for our female members. It's ok for female members to contact any member in our group by members list.

Female Members, if a guy contacts you from our members list, and your not comfortable about it, please let us (managers) know. We will not say who told us.

Male Members Applying

We request

1) A face photo.

2) Show "Member of other meetup groups"

3) Show "Interests"

If we can not see your face photo and "Member of other meetup groups" you are not approved.

You can hide your face photo and "Member of other meetup groups" after you get an approval.

Female Members

If you feel uncomfortable to put the photo for security reasons, we can understand. It is OK without face photo.


Japanadian Vancouver Canada


このグループは、にほんから きたひと と、カナダにすんでいる ひとたちが、いっしょに はなしをしたり、しょくじをしたり、プロジェクトを かんがえたり、あそんだりして、ともだちに なるための グループです。


にほんごを はなせるように なりたい、にほんじんの ともだちを つくりたい、にほんのぶんかや れきしをしりたい、にほんじんの かんがえかたを しりたいと おもっているひとは、ぜひ さんか してください。

たんきたいざい の ひとも、ちょうきたいざい の ひとも、カナダのひとと ともだちづくりをする よいきかいです。ぜひどうぞ!

ジャパナディアン バンクーバー カナダ

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