• A Japanese Tea Ceremony

    Brookline High School

    A Japanese Tea Ceremony NEW! The Japanese tea ceremony, or chanoyu, was first developed when the Japanese adopted the Chinese practices of drinking green tea as well as Zen Buddhist beliefs. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony has become more than just drinking tea; it is a spiritual experience that embodies harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. It is a choreographed ritual of preparing and serving green tea, called matcha, together with sweets to balance the bitter taste of the tea. Preparing tea in this ceremony means placing all of one's attention into the choreographed movements. When the tea ceremony is properly practiced, the host and guests are removed from the pressures and tensions of the outside world and participants find peace and tranquility with others. Join us for a lecture and demonstration of a Japanese tea ceremony, be introduced to the history of this rich cultural tradition, and experience the ritual and preparation of serving and drinking green tea. Your host will demonstrate how to purify special utensils and present and whisk the matcha, and how to receive and drink in keeping with traditional Japanese customs. Sweet treats will accompany our tea ceremony. Please bring a tea bowl, cereal bowl, or large mug with rounded bottom. RSVP HERE DOES NOT GUARENTEE ATTENDANCE. PLEASE FOLLOW THE ATTACHED LINK TO REGISTER FOR THE EVENT. THERE IS A $10 FEE FOR THIS EVENT. THERE MAY ALSO BE A ONE TIME REGISTRATION FEE. http://www.campusce.net/brookline/course/course.aspx?C=123&pc=58&mc=71&sc=0 This is a joint meetup with The Boston Japanese Anime & Films Social Group. We will meet at 6:00pm. The event starts at 6:30pm.

  • Japanese Flower Arrangement Demo by Headmaster from Japan + traditional Music

    Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Overlooking Boston

    Hiroki Ohara is the 5th Headmaster of the Ohara School of Ikebana in Japan. Founded over 120 years ago, the Ohara School today has over one million students worldwide. This will be the headmaster’s first large-scale public demonstration in Massachusetts. It would be an incredibly educational and inspirational experience to watch someone with great mastery at work! SCHEDULE: 4:15 Door Open to the Presidents Ballroom A 4:30 - 5:15 Musical Performance by Sumie Kaneko (Traditional Japanese Koto and Shamisen) 5:15-5:30 Intermission and Announcements 5:30 - 7:00 Ikebana Demonstration by Hiroki Ohara, 5th Headmaster of the Ohara School of Ikebana 7:00 - 7:30 Ikebana Viewing 7:00 - 8:00 Closing Reception COST: $10 for Students/$20 for General Admission (+$5 after 7/26/16)

  • Asian Dragon Boat Race & Cultural Festival

    near the corner of Memorial Drive & Dewolfe Street, Cambridge

    Enjoy the annual "Asian Dragon Boat Race & Cultural Festival". Although the Dragon Boat Race is a Chinese tradition, don't miss out on this multi-cultural event surrounding the Asian Culture. Festival Schedule: The 2016 Boston Dragon Boat Festival will be held on June 11-12, 2016. Saturday June 11, 2016 - Races ONLY. Sunday June 12, 2016 - Races and Cultural Festival Performances & Demonstrations on Sunday: 12:00 Chinese Waist Drum Dance 12:15 Dragon Dance 12:45 Opening Ceremony 1:00 Chinese Traditional Music, Chinese Yo-Yo 1:25 Folk Songs from Asia 1:30 Bhangra & Bollywood Dance 2:00 Chinese Drumming, Dulcimer 2:15 Chinese Martial Arts 2:45 Chinese Traditional Dance 3:15 Rhythmic 3:30 Bhangra & Bollywood Dance 4:00 Chinese and Asian Arts Demonstration 4:30 Japanese Taiko Drumming 5:00 Awards Ceremony Locations: Boston Side - Docks 7:00AM – 5:00PM Dragon Boat Races - Finals Cambridge Side - Along Memorial Drive 12:00PM – 5:00PM Asian Food Cambridge Side - Main Tent 12:00PM – 5:00PM Arts and Crafts & Asian Cultural Performances For more information, go to http://bostondragonboat.org/

  • Japanese-inspired Spring Concert at Kaji Aso Studio Gallery

    CONCERT at KAJI ASO STUDIO Gallery From 6 pm (approx. 45 minutes) PROGRAM: *Songs of Nature and Love featuring Eleven "Basho Haiku" *"Three Japanese Lyrics" by Igor Stravinsky ...in addition to works by Chabrier, Mihaud, Webern, Ives, Schoenberg, and Satie. Felicia Chen, soprano Grant Bingham, bassoon Chelsea Wong , piano No admission fee. Donations gratefully accepted. Any proceeds will be split 50/50 between musicians and Kaji Aso Studio. **Exhibition on view: Japanese Calligraphy and Sumi Painting by faculty and students of Kaji Aso Studio Kaji Aso Studio/Gallery was founded by Japanese Artist, Kaji Aso, and is dedicated to promoting Japanese Culture in Boston.

  • "Lilac Sunday" at the Arnold Arboretum! FUN + Tours + Food + Events +FREE!

    Enjoy the 108th "Lilac Sunday" at the Arnold Arboretum. It is FREE! Of the thousands of flowering plants in the Arboretum, only one, the lilac (http://arboretum.harvard.edu/plants/featured-plants/lilacs/), is singled out each year for a daylong celebration. With more than 370 lilac plants of 176 kinds, the Arboretum holds one of the premier lilac collections (http://arboretum.harvard.edu/plants/featured-plants/lilacs/) in North America. Tours of the lilacs, family activities, food vendors, and picnicking (on this special day only) make for a memorable day. Be a part of this beloved Boston tradition! On Lilac Sunday, the Arboretum is open as usual from dawn to dusk. Activities are scheduled from 10:00am to 3:00pm. Bonus: also enjoy the Arboretum's Bonsai collection We will meet in front of the Hunnewell Visitor Center Building at the Main Gate. The plan is to join a Lilac Tour together. PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to picnic at the Arboretum, it is STRONGLY suggested to bring your own food/drink as the Food Trucks typically run out of food early in the day. (Guests are known to discreetly bring in a bottle of wine to enjoy with their picnic). For more info see http://www.Arboretum.Harvard.edu MBTA: Orange Line: Forest Hills stop. Street parking along the Arboretum perimeter is limited and visitors are STRONGLY advised to take public transportation (http://arboretum.harvard.edu/visit/directions/)

  • Race & Exploration Talk: "Lost White Tribe: the Theory that Changed the World"

    The illustrious infamous Explorers Club presents: Michael Robinson. Who will take us on an illustrated journey with his recently released and thought-provoking book "THE LOST WHITE TRIBE: EXPLORERS, SCIENTISTS, AND THE THEORY THAT CHANGED A CONTINENT" In 1876, the famed explorer Henry Morton Stanley encountered Africans with what he was convinced were light complexions and European features. Stanley's discovery of this African "white tribe" seemed to substantiate the so-called Hamitic Hypothesis: the theory that the descendants of Ham, the son of Noah, had populated Africa and other remote places, proving that the source and spread of human races around the world could be traced to and explained by a Biblical story. Other Explorers discovered "white" Ainu tribes in JAPAN etc... In his book, Michael Robinson traces the rise and fall of the Hamitic Hypothesis. As Robinson shows, race theory stemming originally from the Bible not only guided exploration but archeology, literature, and also shaped the theories of Carl Jung who guided psychological and anthropological notions of the primitive. The Hypothesis also formed the foundation for the European colonial system, which was premised on assumptions about racial hierarchy, at the top of which were the white races, the purest and oldest of them all. It was a small step from the Hypothesis to theories of Aryan superiority, which served as the basis of the race laws in Nazi Germany. Based on painstaking archival research, The Lost White Tribe is a fascinating, immersive, and wide-ranging work of synthesis, revealing the roots of racial thinking and the legacies that continue to exert their influence to this day. Michael Robinson is a professor of history at Hillyer College, University of Hartford. He studies exploration and its place within the cultural imagination. He also writes about the history of science and exploration on his blog "Time To Eat the Dogs". ___________________________________________________ The Social Hour begins at 7:00 p.m. in the hotel's (cash) bar and lounge above the second floor, and the PRESENTATION will begin at 8 p.m. Cost: to help defray the costs associated with room and equipment rental, the pith helmet will be passed around at the event for a requested $10 donation per person. Parking: $10 in the Hotel Garage For more info about the Explorers Club: http://www.Explorers.org

  • Museum of Fine Arts: "Art in Bloom" + Ikebana Demo

    Boston Museum of Fine Arts

    Let's enjoy the Boston Museum of Fine Art's : Art in Bloom! This is the MFA's exuberant SPRING display of Fine Art and Floral Design featuring: Guided Tours/Workshops/Elegant High Tea/Japanese Flower Arranging Demonstration. Garden & Flower Clubs and professional floral designers will create floral arrangements inspired by the MFA's works of Art. Thus this exhibition is called "Art in Bloom". The Highlight for our visit to the MFA on Saturday is : The Japanese Flower Arranging Demonstration from 3--4pm in the Alfond Auditorium. It is FANTASTIC! Prior to this, there is lots to see and do: *Guided Tours 10am--3pm Tours circulate continuously throughout the galleries. STRONGLY recommended! These Tours bring not only the Art but also the flowers that are inspired by the Artwork---to life. *Designing with Flowers 12--3pm Continuous demonstrations of western flower arranging for your home *Outdoor Walking Tour of the MFA's Gardens 1--2pm Art in Bloom is open during regular Museum Hours from 10am--4:45pm. Art in Bloom is FREE with Museum Admission. Adult Admission is $25. PLEASE NOTE: You should be able to get Discount Passes to the MFA from your local Library. Don't worry if you do not make it to the Museum at Noon on Saturday. We will be there until it closes. There is a LOT to see and do! Please do try to attend the Highlight at 3pm in the Alfond Auditorium for the Japanese Flower Arrangement Demonstration. It is FABULOUS! This yearly event is lots of FUN! And you will learn to appreciate flowers in a whole new way! We will meet outside at the Huntington Entrance. I will have a Meetup sign with me.

  • Japan Festival Boston--FUN + FREE!

    Boston Common

    Enjoy the 5th annual "Japan Festival" in Boston! The location is the Boston Common at Beacon Street & Charles Street from 11am--6pm. There will be a Raffle to win a FREE Business Class Ticket from Boston to Tokyo. There will be a CosPlay + Lolita + J-Fashionista Contest. Come dressed in your best costume! There will be booths for Japanese food + Japanese entertainment + Japanese Things to buy. This year the festival will be bigger and better than ever, with more Food, more booths, more performances and more cosplay! There will be plenty of new experiences and activities for the whole family. It is now the largest festival promoting Japanese culture in all of New England, with more than 30,000 visitors attending last year’s festival. For more Info on the Japan Festival please see: http://www.JapanFestivalBoston.org

  • Japanese TAIKO Drum & Folklore Dance Group

    Barstow Stage, Alumnae Hall, Wellesley College

    See this very popular and amazing performance of high-energy Japanese Taiko Drumming and Japanese Folkloric Dance in Boston! The Tamagawa University Group has been touring around the world since 1961. They will return to the U.S. to perform in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York and this time in Boston! Tickets in NY have been sold out for every performance since 2010. TICKETS: Student Tix Available for $10.00. General Admission Tickets at $20. To purchase Tix please visit: www.JapanSocietyBoston.org Or click on: www.eventbrite.com/e/tamagawa-taiko-dance-tickets[masked]

  • "Ikebana"­ Sogetsu Demonstration by Master Teacher: Kumiko Kato from Japan

    Ikebana International is hosting a wonderful enlightening beautiful Japanese Flower Arranging Demonstration by: Master Instructor, Kimiko Kato. She is from the Sogetsu Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Sogetsu is a more modern style of Japanese Flower Arranging. There will also be pottery/Japanese flower arranging containers for sale by Potter: Dennis Howard ***Guests are welcome (fee $20)*** Pay at the Door. Location: Newbridge on the Charles, 5000 Great Meadow Rd., Dedham (Please allow time for shuttle from parking lot) Date: April 8, 2016 Time: 9:30 AM