What we're about

This group is an independent semi formal, ego free, guru-less study group for honest practitioners who either already have some experience and want to seek truth and improve their practical skills through additional practice, or for total beginners who are curious to know more about it.

This set of martial arts is for the protection of the mind body and spirit and focuses on a wide variety of skills such as rolling, joint locks, striking, grappling, balance control, weapons, spiritual refinement and more.

If you are a beginner, we can train you in foundation skills and point you in a direction / school / style that would best suit you. All schools and styles of Japanese Jujutsu / Ninjutsu / Ninpo / Budo or are welcome.

The purpose of the group is to...

1) connect consistent training partners together so they can practice and take their skills to the next level. With lots of time to practice and work out all the kinks and variations.

2) to work on practical skills.

3) To expose more people to the art who might be interested.

The group is completely free, donations appreciated.