What we're about

Over the last twenty-five years a number of books about an intriguing Japanese tradition in psychology strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism have been published in this country. This Japanese tradition considers both action and self-reflection to be necessary aspects of life, and it is based on values such as cultivated attention, gratitude, purposeful living, and responsible action. It is very much a practical tradition, so meetings of this group will include not only discussion of any given book but also discussion of how we have put the ideas of that book into practice in our lives and with what results. (See scheduled Meetups for information on specific authors and titles.) People who join should be willing to: 1) commit to attending on a fairly regular basis, and 2) read about 25 pages a week. Meetings are expected to take place on a weekend afternoon or evening, on an every-other-week basis, at a location near the intersection of I-25 with Colorado Blvd. Suggested donation of $5 per meeting is tax deductible.

Past events (4)

Come to Discussion Group in October

Needs a location

Come to first discussion of Naikan (Berkeley CA: Stone Bridge press, 2002).

To be emailed a week before if you RSVP Yes

Come to first Book Discussion, Sun, April 19, 1:30pm. RSVP for location.