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Japanese and English Language exchange.
• 何をするイベント? This is the meetup taking place on the 11th floor of the James Height University Library room 1106. This meetup is open to all regardless of language level for either English or Japanese. We will meet talk in a mixture of Japanese or English, and discuss topics or questions that members might have. If the number of attendees is too large, we will split into groups of people who wish to speak more Japanese or English.今回のミートアップは毎週行われているものです。カンタベリー大学の図書館11階の1106号室で開かれます。このミートアップは日本語力や英語力に関係なく誰でも参加できます。 日本語と英語で様々なことについて会話しましょう。もし参加者が多い場合は、複数のグループに分かれて話しましょう。例えば日本語を話したいグループと英語を話したいグループに分かれても良いですね。 • 持参するもの Nothing is required, but a notebook and pen might be helpful to write down new words from conversations. • 重要事項

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A group I decided to make after finding no anime/jpop/japanese-english language exchange groups. It's a group for people with similar interests to meet, have fun, discuss similar interests and improve their japanese and english through conversation meetups. Never created a group before and this is new so to begin with I want to see who's interested :)

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