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Japanese Sakura Festival in Leeds Vol.2
An authentic feeling of being in Japan, brought to Leeds by Japanese Exchange students.

General Information:
The aim of the Japanese Sakura Festival is for Japanese exchange students to provide an authentic experience of a day in Japan. Besides well-known topics such as Tokyo, Sushi and Anime, other Japanese staples have little recognition in England, partially due to the distance between the two countries. As Leeds is England’s third largest city, with students from over 150 different countries, we think it’s the perfect place to bring people together through Japanese traditions.

The first event was a great success, with more than 2500 visitors. This time, with 9 passionate exchange students from all over Japan, we plan to use the changing of the seasons to power up the event, adding more variety to the experience. The event will include:
• A beautifully decorated large screen that shows all four seasons in Japan
• Calligraphy demonstrations, a chance to wear Kimono and Japanese School Uniforms, pounding Mochi (a traditional method of making confectionary from rice) and more!
• Traditional Japanese festival games
• A Japanese-style restaurant, with food prepared by Japanese students

We wish to hold the event on Sunday 8th December 2018 at Left Bank Leeds between 10am and 4pm.

Further details:
If you’d like to make a specific request or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the address below.

Our Previous event
Here’s some general information about our first event
Date: 28.4.2018
Venue: Leeds City Museum
Visited by: 2775 people
Total cost: Approximately ¥680,000 (£4733)
• Cherry Blossom themed screens to replicate the feeling of a Hanami Party
• Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Kimono wearing experience
• A stall with festival style games
• A stall selling Japanese food and sweets
• Stage performances of many traditional Japanese art forms such as Taiko drummers and a Koto player

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