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We're the area's most active Japanese Meetup, with a lively group of people who speak or are learning Japanese. We have regular, casual meetings to socialize in Japanese and English, usually over dinner. Native speakers are welcomed, intermediate Japanese speakers get lots of practice, and beginners are encouraged to ask questions to learn more.

We rarely set an agenda. This isn't a classroom; it's primary an opportunity to get to know people who are connected to Japan in some way. Most of the time we go somewhere for dinner, but members sometimes plan coffee gatherings, local adventures, happy hours, or occasionally, structured events. This is not a dating service, nor do we plan any singles-focused events. All of our events are open to all who wish to learn, retain, or use their Japanese language skills or who are looking to experience a little Japanese culture. So, if you're trying to learn something specific, please feel free to bring materials or books that cover your topic and feel free to ask for help. We don't have any formal lesson plans, but many people will be glad to help you out on something with which you're struggling.

Come find us at any of our recurring meetups: in Seattle, 1st Thursdays at Ten Sushi and 3rd Thursdays at Hurry Curry of Tokyo. On the eastside, 2nd Friday dinners and 4th Friday board games (in Japanese). Other meetups occur regularly but are related to special events: ohanami, bon odori, Japanese movies playing during SIFF, and the Hiroshima lantern memorial.

Occasionally there are other, more random meetups: cafe meetups and conversation exchange, karaoke and/or happy hour, outdoor adventures, northend/southend events, and private home parties. These are usually in-city but occur infrequently.

Please sign up to keep informed! Suggestions? Contact Jason, Chigako, or Daniel.

More about our group + Frequently asked questions (http://www.meetup.com/JapaneseSeattle/about/)

Upcoming events (5+)

Eastside board game meetup

Community Room at Crossroads Mall

This event series is all about learning Japanese through playing interactive board games. If you are a beginner, don't worry, I will have some cheat sheets ready for you. If you feel like taking some challenges, I've got some advanced games too. Digital cheat sheet: https://EastSideJP.net Food will not be provided but you are more than welcome to grab anything from the food court. NO OUTSIDE FOOD PLEASE! or we will be charged a fee. The room rental is $25/mo. I'd appreciate it if you can chip in a couple of bucks. Extra donation will go towards new games. We are going to Tutta Bella afterward for happy hour drink and pizza.

[鍋料理] Nabe Party!

Met Tower

We are happy to host our Cooking, Eating & Games event on the west side. We will be hosting a cooking session to teach people how to make a typical Japanese dish. Afterwards we will be playing games as we enjoy our freshly made food! The dish being made will be Nabe (Japanese Hotpot) Our chefs leading the class will be Dexter and Fez! Card games including Daifugō and more! Kindly bring something to share along with everyone to compliment the nabe! Location will be Met Tower Apartments in Seattle. The common room on the 8th floor. I will post contact information close to the date for people to get in if they need us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ウエストサイドで鍋トランプゲームイベントを開催します!イベントでは、鍋の作り方についてもレクチャーしたいと思います。鍋パーティー後は、ボードゲームを用意しています。 今回鍋の作り方をレクチャーするのは、DexterとFezです。 トランプゲームは、大富豪 を用意しています。遊び方もレクチャーしますので、楽しんで下さいね! もしよろしければ、シェアできるような食べ物をお持ちいただけると幸いです。(もちろん手ぶらで来ていだいても問題ありません!) 場所は、ウエストレイク駅近くのMet Tower Apartment 8階のパブリックスペースで行う予定です。日にちが近くなりましたら、参加者の方に連絡先をお知らせ致します。

Eastside Dinner Meetup!

Needs a location

Let's get together and chat over dinner in English and Japanese! ディナーを食べながら、英語と日本語で会話しましょう! Restaurant: TBD Parking: TBA Bus: TBA Nijikai (after dinner drinking): TBD Please bring CASH! It will make our lives so much easier. Keep in mind many restaurants don't split the check 20 ways. Thank you!

Conversation Exchange @ Seattle Center Armory

Armory (Food Court) - Seattle Center

Hi! Please join us for some fun language and conversation exchange! We are a diverse group with members of all ages and backgrounds. Come and make new friends to practice your language skills! こんにちは!グループランゲージエクスチェンジのイベントを行います! 語学習得をしたい方、国際交流をしたい方、新しく友達を作りたい方、ぜひご参加ください!! 【Location | 場所】 Seattle Center Armory 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109 Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/yURMJ1TEBnH2 【How it works | システム】 ・ To create the "total immersion" conversation effect, as well as fairness, we will be encouraging 15-minute intervals of Japanese time and English time. ・「トータル・イマージョン」の会話効果と公平性を生み出すために、日本語の時間と英語の時間を15分間隔で奨励します。 ・ We ask that members, please speak only in the target language during the designated times! ・ 指定された時間には指定された言語でなるべく会話するようお願い致します。 【Time Schedule | スケジュール】 12:00 pm to 12:30 pm Arrive 来店 12:30 pm to 12:45 pm Japanese Time 日本語の時間 12:45 pm to 1:00 pm English Time 英語の時間 1:00 pm to 1:15 pm Seat Shuffle! 座席を変更 1:15 pm to 1:30 pm Japanese Time 日本語の時間 1:30 pm to 1:45 pm English Time 英語の時間 1:45 pm to 2:00 pm Group Picture! 集合写真! 【 FAQ〜よくある質問〜】 Q1:一人でも参加可能ですか? Q1: Is it possible to participate by myself? A1:たくさんの方にお一人で参加頂いております。 A1: Of course! Most members come alone! Q2:初めての参加ですが、大丈夫ですか? Q2: It's my first time, is it okay? A2:初参加の方はたくさんいらっしゃいます。ご安心ください! A2: Everyone has a first time. We welcome you! Q3:途中参加は大丈夫ですか? Q3: Can I join the event in the middle? A3:大丈夫です!受付には常時運営がおりますので、ご安心して参加いただけます。 A3: Please feel free to come whenever your schedule allows it!

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3rd Thursdays at Hurry Curry

Hurry Curry of Tokyo

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