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Curious about what's hot on the Java scene and beyond? In honor of Ho Chi Minh City's thriving developer community—this is *your* meetup!

The group is open to a wide variety of topics, centered (but not only) on the big Java family:

* Java & other programming languages
* Enterprise Java & Spring
* Architecture, Security
* Cloud, Containers, Build tools
* Frontend & modern web applications
* Methodology & Agile practices
* ...

Come join us for casual afterwork events, to get your shoot of hipster tech, or share your best practices with others. ;)


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Deep search: Enhancing a search bar using machine learning

# Java Saigon March 2019 is here! —This month we've got some machine learning for you! ******* Date: **CONFIRMED**: Thursday,[masked], 6.30pm Location: Magnolia Vietnam, e.town ******* Abstract: On the case study of a novel, web-based search tool, we present how applying modern deep learning techniques can have unprecedented positive impact on user experience of a product. As the main driver, we present a custom deep neural network that continuously adjusts search result ordering based on past user choices. Furthermore, we illustrate how accessible machine learning recently has become even to developers outside that field: Our search tool features full-fledged image recognition that runs locally—independent of external services—and is based completely on a ready-made pre-trained neural network provided by an open source framework. Similarly, speech-based input to the search bar is implemented relying solely on modern Web APIs. Finally, we build the bridge to the economic part of software development by demonstrating the integration of our search tool in to a content management system and show how those introduced improvements create real business value. Speaker: Ilgün Ilgün, Tech lead @ Magnolia Ilgün is a Software Engineer at Magnolia since 2015. Prior to that, he was working for Shazam Entertainment LTD where he was creating distributed software. Ilgün holds a Masters degree in Software Engineering. Duration: 40 minutes

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