Thread Safety with Phaser, StampedLock and VarHandle (Dr. Heinz Kabutz)

College of the economy (FHDW) Hannover

Freundallee 15 · Hannover

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(Der Vortrag ist auf Deutsch :))

Every major Java version introduces a new and better way of managing state. Java 7 gave us Phaser as a replacement for CountDownLatch and CyclicBarrier. Hardly any programmers know how it works, even though we are now on Java 11. Java 8 gave us StampedLock, useful as a lighter read "lock" when building concurrent classes. Again, not very widely known, but lots of use cases. Java 9/10/11 introduced VarHandle as an escape latch for the Unsafe addicts. In this talk we will show all three concepts and explain when each should be used.

Dr Heinz Kabutz -

Heinz is the mastermind behind The Java Specialists' Newsletter. He has a PhD in Computer Science. Heinz has programmed significant portions of several large Java applications and has taught Java to thousands of professional programmers. He is a regular speaker at all the major Java conferences.

Heinz was chosen as a Java Champion by Sun Microsystems, the inventors of Java, for his work in advancing Java.
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