What we're about

All things Java / JVM in Vienna, Austria.

We try to meet once a month (except for summer holidays July, August) to discuss various Java related topics, including frameworks, best practices.

The meetup is aimed at beginners, intermediates and professionals as well.

Most of our meetings will be held at the University of Technology Vienna in the heart of the city center.

During the corona pandemic, we abstain from doing online meetups with talks that are already wildely available on the internet/youtube. We only make exceptions for content that is unique or from a member of our community who wishes to share it. If you are a "Developer Relations" person, this most likely means that your talks don't fit our profile during this non-onsite phase.

If you have something to share that is not already widely available, please reach out to one of the organizers.

Upcoming events (4)

Java under the Hood of Elasticsearch + Look Ma', I made a Website!

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18:00 Doors Open
18:25 - 19:30 Java under the Hood of Elasticsearch - Philipp Krenn
19:30 - 19:55 Break, Pizza, Networking
19:55 Raffle
20:00 - 21:00 Look Ma', I made a Website - Dominik Dorn
21:10 Networking nearby

Java under the Hood of Elasticsearch
Elasticsearch is one of the most widely used Java projects out there. While many people know the REST interface and how to use it, this talk takes a look under the hood and picks up some of the more interesting Java topics there:

  • Why and how Elasticsearch is always bundling the latest JDK with the default binary; also what lessons can be learned from Docker to Java distributions issues.
  • What Java features is Elasticsearch (not) using; also what are the requirements for building / testing and running.
  • While the Java Security Manager served Elasticsearch extremely well for Log4Shell and other security issues, what are the next steps after its deprecation to replace it.
  • Elasticsearch's Gradle setup is a monster but a powerful one — how does it keep the developers productive and what are the most important changes around performance.

About Philipp Krenn
Philipp lives to demo interesting technology. Having worked as a web, infrastructure, and database engineer for over ten years, Philipp is now a developer advocate and EMEA team lead at Elastic — the company behind the Elastic Stack consisting of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, and Logstash.

Look Ma', I made a Website
After last times introduction to Quarkus & Keycloak, we played a little with the technology and created a new website for the Java Vienna Meetup (WIP!).

(currently planned:) In this talk we will take a look at

  • Running Keycloak in Docker
  • Integrating Keycloak with Meetup
  • how to implement an own Identity Provider for Keycloak in Java
  • how to integrate the own IdP with Keycloak
  • Fetching the basic profile data for Keycloak from Meetup using GraphQL
  • How we integrated Keycloak with Wordpress at no cost
  • First sample app using Quarkus that uses our Keycloak integration
  • HTML-Templating in Quarkus using "qute"
  • maybe something more..
  • ... lets see how much else we can stuff in 1hour.

About Dominik Dorn
Dominik runs the Java Vienna Meetup since 2010. He has his own company and helps clients solve technical challenges on a B2B basis, using Java and S..... lets say JVM technologies. Usually he tries to give the stage to others, but sometimes just can't help himself by also giving a talk at our meetups. That's why you'll hear from him today.. pure ego selfishness and the lust for beer, pizza and a few interesting questions during/after the talk ;-)

Geecon Prag 2022

Needs a location

Die GeeCon findet wieder in Prag statt und wir sind mit dabei!

Am 24. und 25.10. (26. ist ja Feiertag) findet in Prag die GeeCon mit zahlreichen spannenden Java und JVM-Vorträgen statt.


Wir bekommen vermutlich einen Rabattcode, der Post hier wird entsprechend upgedated.
Weiters können wir vermutlich bei unserem Meetup am 3.10. etwas verlosen!

Wer zur GeeCon mitFAHREN möchte (Anreise zB mit Railjet Sparschiene 15 Euro) bitte hier zusagen, eventuell lässt sich ja gemeinsam was organisieren!

"JSF is still alive" + "Spring Boot µService + CI/CD @ Openshift"

Needs a location

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18:00 Doors Open
18:25 Talk 1: JSF is still alive - Rudy De Busscher (EN)
19:30 Break with Pizza
19:55 Raffle
20:00 Spring Boot µService + CI/CD @ Openshift - Stefan Zaufl (DE)
21:00 getting out of the venue
21:05 Networking nearby

JSF is still alive (EN) - Rudy De Busscher
About 20 years ago, JSF was released for creating web-based user interfaces. Since then, it has continuously evolved with the addition of faceless, stateless views, WebSocket integrations, and programmatic views in JSF 4.0 (Jakarta EE 10)
Even the JavaScript frontend solutions switch to server-side rendering, which makes Jakarta Server Faces a modern solution when you want to create a frontend quickly and easily.

This session takes a closer look at the history and key features you can use for your project. With some best practices, typical patterns and of course the new features of JSF 4.0.

Rudy loves to create (web) applications with the Jakarta EE platform and MicroProfile implementations. Currently, he is a Developer Advocate for MicroStream. He has implemented various projects in a team for customers, helped various Open Source projects (Apache Myfaces, PrimeFaces, DeltaSpike, MicroProfile, ...), and supported Developers and teams. He is also working around Web Application Security using OAuth2, OpenId Connect, and JWT.

Spring Boot µService + CI/CD @ Openshift (DE) - Stefan Zaufl
Wir beginnen mit einer kurzen Einführung in das Thema Container & OpenShift, zeigen danach am Beispiel von einem Shopping-Cart-Microservice wie man sehr rasch mit Spring Boot ein Microservice aufsetzten kann. Abschließend sehen wir uns an, wie man den ganzen Prozess mittels CI/CD streamlinen kann.

Stefan Zaufl hat Visual Computing auf der TU-Wien studiert. Seit 2017 implementiert er Microservices für die Kunden des IBM Client Innovation Centers in Wien.

December Meetup - Save the date!

Needs a location

save the date


18:00 doors open
18:30 Talk 1: Logging (Sebastian)
19:30 Break with Pizza
20:00 Talk 2: OpenTelemetry (Philipp?)

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