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Blaze-Persistence for JPA + Case Study: Spring Framework at Craftwork

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University of Technology Vienna

We'll be meeting up again!
18:15 doors open
18:30 - 19:30 first talk
19:30 - 20:00 pizza/networking
20:00 - 21:00 second talk
21:00 - open end: Networking / beer / hangover prep.

Case-Study: SpringFramework at Craftworks GmbH

In this talk we will show you how craftworks GmbH uses the Spring Boot framework in every day life. We will show you what payed off for us and what didn't work the way we expected.

You will also learn how we built our entire tech stack, do our delivery and how new features, change requests and bugfixes are incorporated.

Our talk will contain:

• What problems our clients have and how we solved them

• How we use Spring Boot as part of the 12-Factor-App-Methodology

• How Spring Boot changed our development process

• How we do our versatile delivery

• How we use Docker locally, on premise, with Spring Boot and Angular, etc..

Blaze-Persistence for JPA

Blaze-Persistence is a rich Criteria API for JPA providers that aims to provide tomorrow's JPA features, today!
Are you annoyed of the JPA Criteria API? Or do you want to make use of advanced SQL features with JPA?
Blaze-Persistence comes to save your day by allowing you to stay in your domain model comfort zone!
The fluent builder API makes writing queries easy and allows you to reuse essential parts of your queries.
The excellent support for custom projections allows for extensions like Entity Views which are to your entities what views are to your tables.
Gone are the days with headaches when seeing LazyInitializationExcept­ions or N + 1 query problems!
Join our presentation with live coding containing loads of examples about advanced features!

Christian Beikov works with Java EE since 2010 and has lots of experience with CDI and JPA. He works part time at Curecomp GmbH in Linz in R&D and is about to enter his final semester at the University of Technology Vienna.
While always being an active Hibernate contributor and constantly improving Blaze-Persistence, he gained experience doing freelancing and being a co-founder of Sweazer GmbH.
His main interests are around distributed systems, database technologies and everything Java/JVM-related.

Moritz Becker is software developer with more than 3 years of professional experience in the Java EE ecosystem.
Besides his job at Linz based Curecomp GmbH and his work for various open source projects like Blaze-Persistence,
he is doing his master's degree in Software Engineering & Internet Computing at the University of Technology Vienna.
Previously, he was co-founder & developer at Vienna based Sweazer GmbH where he was concerned with co-developing a mobile multi-channel shopping app.

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10, 1040 Wien · Vienna
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